the day that i've dreaded as well as looked forward to arrived yesterday. my baby went to kindergarten.

she couldn't have been more pleased with her wardrobe choices for the big day--dress with silver sparkles, (yep, she's her mother's daughter) ruffled "floofy" skirt, and bejeweled shoes.

were you aware that choosing just the right first day of school outfit could be such an intricate and involved process? fyi: it IS.


as well as choosing the right backpack:


the most highly anticipated part of the whole day was the arrival of the school bus.

she waited it out (in the 1 BAJILLION degree heat) with her buddy, issac:


finally, that glorious moment arrived. and it was even better than anticipated:


i feel that with each child i had, i was so impatient for them to get to the next milestone, make the next step, grow up just a bit. but with this one, i've wished for eternal youth--yet why hasn't it happened?

so, my tiny baby mia--your mother accepts her fate. she wants you to spread your wings and fly!

(and she loves you more than you'll ever know.)


Suzie said...

Bittersweet sums it up perfectly.
What a little princess! Hope she had a good first day.
You too.
You're a good mama.

tiburon said...

Love me some Mia.

I want a sparkly T for my new backpack!

gina bina said...

Hers has the best momma!

Vanessa said...

Very bittersweet.

And she is the cutest Kindergartener EVER!!!

That keychain looks eerily familiar.

Megal said...

My sweet baby Mia. When did you decide to get so big? I love yoe.

kami @ no biggie said...

I love hers. the sparkle dress to the perfect hair...hers moms knows how to go back in style.

Abbey said...

u ares the best mom ever!

Loni said...

Last child/First day of school= Perfect Storm for Mama tears! Hope you survived, 'cuz I know Mia thrived!