cap'n dave's dolphin safari by the numbers


price for two adults to experience captain dave's dolphin safari: $110.00

threatening clouds in the sky the morning of: approx. 600,000


number of times i said, "this isn't going to be a re-creation of 'the perfect storm' today, is it?": at least 5

number of times i envisioned THIS happening the night before: countless

signs posted for the rbc's birthday at the dock: 1


self-portraits taken of us for our "kissing" portfolio: 1

(you're welcome, girls.)


people we saw throw up while on the ship: 3

number of times we threw up: 0

camera batteries dropped straight into the pacific ocean: 1

number of curse words uttered after dropping battery straight into pacific ocean: 5 (allegedly.)

number of dolphins spotted: 1 million (give or take a few hundred thousand)


different types of dolphins spotted: 3 (common, bottlenose, and risso's)

we got to stand at the bow of the boat (i resisted the urge to yell, "i'm flying, jack! i'm flying!!!") and watch the dolphins as they "drafted" off the boat--it was so cool:

dollar amount we spent while high-pressured into buying cap'n dave's "wild dolphins and whales of southern california" cd before we could exit the watercraft: $20

value of experience: PRICELESS.


Vanessa said...

At least you looked fabulous before you stepped foot on that boat. That is all that matters.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Yeah, good thing I wasn't on the boat, I would have been puking too.

Gisele said...

So how was the DVD?

Omgirl said...

OMG, you chopped your hair and I LOOOOOVE it! I'm sure it's old news, but I've been MIA bent over the toilet for two months. Sorry.