Picnik collage

my friend allison crocheted these too-cute-for-words hats for my girls--

i absolutely ADORE them. as well as envy her just a bit for being able to create such works of art with some yarn and a hook:

Picnik collage

(p.s.--those lips were NOT photo-shopped or tinted red. that there was done the old-school way, via red popsicle:)

Picnik collage

she also made one for chandler, but she was absent during the photo shoot--so i thought it only fair to include a collage of her as well: (doing her favorite thing--sucking on a drink from swig)

Picnik collage


Allison said...

yeah, I'm so glad that they like them!! But just to clarify these are crocheted. I WISH I knew how to knit! The trip was perfection, seriously the best! Thanks again:) I still owe you big time. Don't forget!

tiburon said...

Those are ALL adorable!!