a perfect moment in time.

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have you ever had that perfect moment in time?

the one where you sit back, survey your surroundings, and wish for the moment to be frozen in time, forever, so that you can pull it out and re-visit it?

october 23rd, 2010 was a defining moment for russ & i--we had spent some time looking around the the ritz-carlton laguna niguel. (holy MOLY. everybody should try that once in their lives. it's how the other half lives--we were glad they weren't "on" to us--it's all about pretending to fit right in. so it's good they can't see the balance in our check book while walking through the entryway ;)

one of the attendants who parked our car suggested we go and watch the sunset out on the outdoor patio/lounge area, 180 blu:

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the views were breathtaking--

we lamented the fact that our battery had dropped right through the bottom of our camera into the pacific ocean, cursed it a few times for good measure, then pulled out the cell phone to capture the moments:

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what made the area so amazing (besides those trivial ocean views) was the fact that they had couches and fire-pits set out all around the deck.

my favorite part? that they would bring you a heated, soft cotton blanket to keep the chill away.


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when we looked to our right, we saw this:

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when we looked to our left, we got to watch a traditional indian wedding--so cool!

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we literally stayed, snuggled up on our lounge, for two hours enjoying the evening while an amazing guitarist played live. it was PURE HEAVEN:


we will forever look back on this evening as the night that all our stars aligned.




tiburon said...

I would have to agree with you on that one. Amazing pictures!

And as a side note - I consider any time I spend with Mindi and RBC to be perfect...


gina bina said...

I'm thinking somebody got lucky! What a view, and what a pair.

Also, I absolutely love Mia speak.

Vanessa said...

You didn't crash the wedding?? That would have been epic!

Great pics! And you probably don't know this because you don't watch it, but the Real Housewives of OC filmed a few episodes on that exact balcony.

You are pretty much celebrities now.

Joseph and Katie said...

So happy for you. You are right, you will never forget that night. It looked amazing! (sigh....)

Plain Jame said...

Uh, my cousin got married there a few years ago. The reception was AMAZING. The waiters all had white gloves and tuxedos on and brought out a 7 course meal. Drinks on the veranda overlooking the ocean at sunset and dancing. It was a fun night to remember (I had the coke without the rum thank you). I wish OC wasn't so popular now so it wasn't now a cliche to have it be my most favorite place in the world. I wish I could love how it's just overrun with D-bags...
Oh well, did you get to go to Gina's pizza again at least? Or sit on the Kiss bench at big beach and make out?