b. flowers power


lovedLovedLOVED the brandon flowers concert we saw the other night with kyle & kami--

kami & i must have called each other on the telephone like in 7th grade and coordinated our outfits--gray shirt & black sweater with flower for kami, black shirt & gray sweater with flower for mindi.

great minds think (and dress) alike:


we had a pretty sweet spot over on the front side of the stage where we could lean against the bar and not have to shove people or "box out" for our space. (we might be getting a tad bit old.)

brandon was certainly very happy to see us there--here he is, pointing us out in the crowd:


i was delighted with his cover of bette davis eyes:

Picnik collage

we got to see russ's assistant manager and her bff's show their devotion to brother flowers in bedazzled form.

i must say i was a bit envious of their flower power:

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for his last song, brandon brought out surprise guest & killers drummer ronnie vannucci for a pretty sweet acoustic version of when you were young:



tiburon said...

Looks like another fantastic time was had by all!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

loved it! You two are the bomb-diggity!

Vanessa said...

I like your makeup.

And if Russ was there, and his assistant manager was there, who was holding down the fort at the hotel?? I hope all was ok when you got back :)