FIRST place at the jdrf walk and we're DAMN PROUD!

i was informed that all of the awesomeness above snagged us FIRST PLACE in the "t-shirt" category at the jdrf walk we ruled in september--

but we might have to admit: was it ever even a question?

(we think not ;)

the only thing i wish we could have done was perform an awesome pseudo-rock-dream-sequence like this little clip that i have been in love with.

plus, how awesome is zach galifianakis?



Vanessa said...

I like Zach's bedazzled beard.

And I like that you rocked that walk.

Stace said...

there really was never a question...loni told me "mindi's dressing us for the walk" and internally, i decided you must win...

tiburon said...

Of course you won. You earned it sistah!

Next year you should do the ride with me. Just.saying. ;)