palm springs bike trip with dannielle's cute mom (who does NOT SPEND THAT MUCH TIME ON FB?)


{l to r: jody, dannielle, micki}

a few weeks ago i had the good fortune to enjoy a lovely 2 days in palm springs with my bike and my bff's.

we geeked up in our bicycle-wear (is there ANY biking clothing that looks cute on a person unless they weigh 115 or less? lame.) & cruised the flat surfaces that the city had to offer us.

and it was good.

my friends even withheld their disapproval at my riding sans clips & shoes: {gasp}


but nobody seemed to really notice my fashion faux-pas--could it have been because of this breathtaking view?:


or perhaps this one:


you can even pluck fruit RIGHT FROM THE TREES! in palm springs, california:

Picnik collage

naturally, there was much ingesting of food to be done--we enjoyed dinner (two nights in a row!) at long-standing palm springs tradition las casuelas--

dannielle's delightful mother, andrea, was right in the middle of all the action with us:


the next day i had my first mediterranean food experience with dannielle's brother, matt, and his lovely bride, micki--it was surprisingly good! even though it was kabobz spelled with a z:

untitled-1426 (Large)

we were sad to leave, but took solace in the magnificent rainbow that bid us farewell as we drove out of town:



tiburon said...

Awww that looks like so much fun. Please to be taking me and Daisy with you next time!