christmas eve dinner at our house or neal marchant is a not-so-secret thespian.


this is what happens when you declare that the christmas eve festivities shall be a "jammies only" party.

there is a bit of posing.

as well as soft-embracing of o tannenbaum:

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along with an example of a hair-DON'T:


but then you get this as well:

P1010399 - Copy

who would have guessed we had a family of "theme-dressers"?


hope your holidays were ever so lovely. i'll be playing catch-up a bit this week--there's nothing like listing STOP PROCRASTINATING as my new year's resolution and then immediately breaking it.



Vanessa said...

I want some of those jammies.

We can only hope to see your jammies. I know from experience they are spectacular.

tiburon said...

Neil hugging the tree - PRICELESS.

Creative Juice by Loni said...

So happy to see everyone enjoying the evening! Wish we could have been there...