crocs and other costa rican creatures


we got quite a taste of the wildlife (or would that be "wild life"?) whilst down enjoying our tropical vacay in costa rica--

we stopped by the infamous crocodile river while out and peered over the bridge to see 25 of those bad boys. TWENTY-FIVE!!

my parents said they had never seen so many there at once. my theory is that they must have known we were coming:


and i must say: these boys weren't playing.

this little fellow was approx. 18-20 feet long:


which really, REALLY made us want to pose for a photo with him to display how bad A we were for putting our lives into that sort of peril:


this one was our favorite because he appeared to be grinning:


we also got up-close & personal with these guys:

Picnik collage

& made a new BFF:


Picnik collage

Picnik collage

( i suspect he liked me best.)


Suzie said...

Freaking awesome.

(& your smile is amazing!)

daisy said...

There was only two or three crocodiles when we were there. So cool!

Vanessa said...

I am having a complete panic attack for you right now. Not over the crocs (awesome, btw) but because you are letting Tuacan Sam climb all over your head. Good thing you were covered in plastic in case he pooped on you.

Vanessa said...

I meant Toucan.

Loni said...

Cats are the first step, then toucans, then I expect you to put your head in the mouth of a TIGER!

Omgirl said...

Did you guys stay in San Jose? At that amazing Marriott on the coffee plantation perhaps? We stayed there in C.R. and about DIED over how amazing it was. Please tell me you stayed there. Looks like you guys lived it up!