& the last posting of costa rica pics finally comes 'round.

we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at jw marriott guanacaste--

we had a very stressful schedule. which included (but was not limited to) golfing:

Picnik collage

watching THIS view from our room patio:

Picnik collage

eating, sleeping, reading, & lying on chaise-lounges that a young, strapping pool boy had just seconds before prepared for you with thick, white towels and bolster pillows:

Picnik collage

walking in the ocean:

Picnik collage

& enjoying spectacular costa rican sunsets:

Picnik collage

what a wonderful time we had together--it's a trip that i'll forever cherish .



Vanessa said...

The last posting? But I want more.

Absolutely beautiful!! And the view isn't bad either.

heidiluxe said...

dang gina! you are wearing that swimsuit!

Monica said...

I am in love with your swimming suit. Is it tacky to ask where you got it? On vacation I usually go for bikinis, but we are taking my husband's kids to Hawaii and they will freak if I wear such heathen clothes.

Mindi said...

monica--i got it at downeast basics. you can usually get them online, too.

but i love a good bikini-clad heathen--you should go for it!

(and, NO. it's not tacky. we girls need to share.)

tiburon said...

It looks like a FANTASTIC trip. I am super jealous. Luckily I get to go on a trip with you in two short weeks :)