thankful thursday

it's been a while since i've done a thankful thursday post, and i hate that i've gotten out of the habit. i resolve to do better and be grateful for some of the best things in life that bring true happiness!

this week i am thankful for:

**a beautiful girl who went to preference looking like TWO million dollars:



**a ten-year old lady who had a sleepover with 9 girls who went the ENTIRE. NIGHT. without somebody crying or asking to be taken home at 2 a.m. MIRACLES HAPPEN!:


**our aunt megan who makes such beautiful & delicious birthday confections:


**a little boy who does THIS when asked to pose on the chair for a photo:


**a sweet sign welcoming parents home from a trip abroad:

(btw, dad was welcomed home, too--the camera just didn't capture.)


Picnik collage

**another little girl who asks for a photo to be taken "of hers hairs so hers mom can see it in costa wica"--and for the friends watching girls and doing said hairs while the parents were away:

**&, finally, that i saw THIS yesterday. and it still rocked my world:


Vanessa said...

Katie is a babe. You are in trouble.

kami @ said...

Mia cracks me up!

I love Twitch even more, now!

Monica said...

I'm glad you made it back safely. I ahve been loving the pictures of Costa Rica. They confirm what I have always thought, that I need to go there.
I love how classy your daughter always looks for her dances. She is beautiful.