thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

** yahoo weather--

it allows me to hop on roughly ten times a day to check current conditions.

i remember, growing up, that my dad would watch the news every single night to just catch the sports and see the weather.

but when did i become such an old person? i NEVER used to even give the weather a second thought--it was something that occurred AS it was occurring.

merely one more sign of my turning to the geriatric side.....

**speaking of weather, there just couldn't be a thankful thursday post during this time of year without me praising the weather--mid 70's this week? well, okay..... if i HAVE to:

**guilty pleasures. such as my current favorite, holly's world:

it pleases me so. judge not.

**speaking of holly, i love THIS song by josh strickland:

perhaps it's because i fancy myself one of the sexy people? or maybe it's the fact that it's sick beats require, nay, MANDATES that i report.

to the floor.

yes, it's totally formulaic--which reels me in hook, line, & sinker.

**friends who allow my daughter to live the high-life with them in las vegas all week:

chandi may never return.

**a person who would spend money outfitting their ride with this:

{LOVE them.}

**& finally, for alec baldwin:


Vanessa said...

I love when Joshy sings to me. Yes we are sexy and yes we will be reporting to the floor next week. I hope he will be there. Along with Holly, Angel and Laura Croft. Maybe Jayde.

My dad has 5 thermometers at each house, is addicted to the weather app on his phone and the first thing he asks when he calls is "how is the weather?" You are old.

Amy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Holly's world! oooo, I so want to kick Jayde's heiney! Love Josh, he's such a cutey, love his song. Want to see the video.

M-Cat said...

Ohhhhh I need 70's right now. In a BAD way!

jennie w. said...

I adore the weather and have several weather apps on my phone and consult them all regularly. And not just because it's been in the 70's here for over a month.