NOT thankful thursday

the thing i am NOT THANKFUL FOR this week:

the fact that i had 2 tickets to see the u2 360 tour in salt lake earlier this week, and i didn't go.

timing was crappy, and i convinced myself that making the last-minute trip to slc was just gonna be too much.

that is, until i started seeing these photos show up on facebook:

and then i realized that i was just an idiot.

universe: 1

mindi: 0


Monica said...

Seriously bad decision. I'm not even a big concert goer like you, usually I don't think it is worth my time - just turn up the CD. But this was seriously amazing! Even if you had never heard of U2 or listened to their music you would have loved it. If you grew up on The Joshua Tree, you were in heaven. Sorry to rub it in. Next time?

heather said...

Yeah, I hate to pile it on here, but it is ALWAYS best to go see U2!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mindi~ I have blog stalked your blog for a loooong time. I love it! I am the same age as you, with 4 kiddos as well. I feel a sense we like the same music, have reverence for the 80's and you pretty much just make me laugh! The confession booth, love it! =)

My hubs and I grew up on U2 and we went to the concert. Our first highschool makeout~ the Joshua Tree was playing in the background.....four kids and 19 years of marriage later, we traveled to pay homage to Bono and the crew. Not gonna like, It was FaNfrEaKiNgTaStIc! You did miss out. The stage, the loudness, the atmosphere, and the vibe were incredible! Not to mention, Bono BROUGHT IT!! Three hours long of nonstop hits~ Next time GO GO GO!
Hate to rub it in, just sayin' =)

Vanessa said...

This is the part where everyone is supposed to say that concert really sucked and it was good that you didn't drive all the way up there to see it.

Riggs Rascals said...

Bad decision! I had school that day in Cedar...didn't leave Cedar until 4:30, got to Rice Eccles at 8:20...missed the!...Bono's leather pants=HUBBA HUBBA, Bono making sex sounds before Mysterious ways=PURE AWESOMENESS...especially if you are sitting next to 4 unknown teenage boys...They may have been wondering why I was laughing so hard! We left SLC at midnight and got home at 6 a.m.!! Totally worth it!