thankful thursday

many things to be thankful for over the past few weeks:

**a cheerful 4th grader who experienced a pioneer handcart trek with her class:

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**a birthday cake for a 6-year-old girl made by aunt megan--

mia specifically asked for a "wedding cake". and it was spectacular:

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**a broken vow made by a mother 16 years ago in which she stated (and i quote) "i will never, ever buy one of my children a motorized mini-vehicle."

eating my words never tasted so delicious:

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**the best day, ever, on survivor when boston rob kicked some ass and took some names--

he was ruthless, diabolical, cunning, cut-throat, and manipulative.

and i couldn't have loved him more:

**temporary tattoos airbrushed-on at the desert ridge marketplace--

it was a big kitty. in honor of my kitties:

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**& finally, speaking of kitties--why was i NOT creeped out by this video?:


Kris said...

That cake is stunning and looks yummy. I am want to dive into that frosting. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE Boston Rob!!!

M-Cat said...

How cute is that she wanted a wedding cake! And it IS stunning.

Monica said...

I love that she wanted a wedding cake. Such a girl.