thankful thursday

**our new sticker on the car:

bat shiz crazy? why, yes. but it brings us joy. in THIS form:

**the creative genius of others so i don't have to think. which is JUST how i like it....

the gals at eighteen25 turned me on to some pretty cool free printables. yes, i know that subway art is everywhere and therefore nearly "out" again. but with my penchant for numbers and letters, i can't help but be drawn to them like a raccoon to a disco ball.

you can find the cutest "girl" birthday poster shown above HERE.

they also include a "boy" version:

mothers and fathers day free printables HERE

**this picture that tiburon posted:

i fought the road biking thing for a long time. i didn't want to fall into the cliche of investing big dollars into something that seemed to be the "IT" thing to do at this moment. but i finally caved, thanks to my friend's persistence, and i'm so very glad i did. i enjoy riding because it's less impact on this old, tired body and i've even seen some (very) small benefits to said same tired old body because because of it. but i still maintain the fact that biking clothing is uglier than sin and only looks good on somebody who weighs 78 pounds. and even then, it's sketchy.


Unknown said...

This video ----> made me think of you and your love of cats. It's pretty funny. :)