for me, the most dreaded part of our annual family vacation to park city is the day spent at

it's utah's theme park. or as my friend so lovingly put it: "WHITE-TRASH DISNEYLAND".

mia has been telling us for roughly five months that she would NOT be going on any of the scary rides.

when we arrived at the park, we somehow convinced her to go on their 80-year old roller coaster, which is a bit mild by today's standards. we figured it would either be a massive hit or a colossal failure.

here she was just before take-off:


& just after the coaster stopped:


she ended up going on every major thrill ride the park had to offer, including the bat, colossus, the spider, and finishing up with the BIGGIE, wicked.

lagoon's official definition of wicked:

"It’s big. It’s fast. It’s Wicked — Lagoon’s most thrilling coaster, ever! Riders launch to the top of the 110-foot tower at speeds close to 41 mph by means of a linear synchronous motor (LSM) drive system, essentially rocketing riders up and over the top of the first hill.

The 8-rider vehicles travel individually and achieve speeds of up to 55 mph, passing through steep valleys, high-banked turns, a half-pipe, a heart-roll inversion and more. The lap/leg restraints will provide an exhilarating upper body freedom for riders."

we celebrated the momentous occasion with a photo:


(disclaimer: yes, that is mom's tank-top that mia is wearing as a dress after being soaked on rattlesnake rapids. it was white-trash disneyland, after all--nobody even looked twice.)


Vanessa said...

At least you weren't stuck in the Kiddieland all day long.

Way to go MIA!!!