thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**my friend's husband's amazingly creative way to celebrate their anniversary--

this banner was displayed proudly on river road today:


**a sweet new baby cousin for us to love & kiss on:

Picnik collage

**& for her incredible fashion GOOD sense she displayed at a mere two days old by wearing kitty clothing:


**the last two elementary girls i have taking the annual "back to school" obligatory photo--

my 5th grader:

Picnik collage

& my 1st grader:

Picnik collage

i must admit that i got a bit misty-eyed when watching this from the front porch:


i felt like i had a love-hate-love-hate relationship with the fact that i had no child at home during the day for the first time in SEVENTEEN YEARS! crazy.

**speaking of said child, did you see her awesome backpack that we purchased solely for the fact that it looked just! like! her! :


i might have been so enamored by the items we found at target from the harajuku mini line that i may or may not have purchased THIS backpack for no reason at all.

or for myself: (really. not joking.)


**& finally, for zac. i still wuv hims. even if he says a naughty thing now and then....


Vanessa said...

What will you be doing w/all that alone time during the day? Maybe you should get a job. Nah. That is lame.

Very cute girlies. I love the mini Mia.

And of course the cattie outfit is awesome. I"m surprised Megan put it on her. Or did you put it on her when she wasn't looking?

Vanessa said...

I never thought Zac was cross eyed. Is he?