thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**a blogger who took the time to write me AND my blog a love note.

even after 3 1/2 years of doing this, it's always does my heart good to hear from somebody who actually reads. thank you, jamie~

{note card found HERE}

**a brother-in-law who is trying to break into the lorn industry: (that's LIGHT PORN to you...)

**the fact that sprint has taken the guesswork out of my christmas present from russ this year......

awwwwhhhh! so sweet of them! i love that they are only looking out for my best interests.

actually, i don't care that they are going to bleed me for every last dime. i just want that phone.

**a daughter who doesn't know how to throw the 'peace' sign:

have i NOT TAUGHT HER BETTER? {sigh.}

**the creativity of others:

**& finally, for ok go and their tribute to the muppets:


Vanessa said...

That is one sweet 'stache.

Does that phone play Words with Friends? Then I'm in.

gina bina said...

Lorn? I'm LOL! Sometimes I don't know where you get this stuff. xo