9 lessons learned from labor day weekend in las vegas

9 things we learned from our labor day weekend in las vegas:

1. friends accompanying last minute always make for better times. and better jazz hands:


2. it is still possible to milk out your 20th anniversary even 2.5 months after it happened at a surprisingly great new restaurant find:


3. mindi doesn't ever need to ride the new york new york roller coaster ever again in her whole entire life:

4. somehow it is possible that chandler will find the only feline in the entire madame tussauds wax museum:


(but we all wanted in on that action):


5. speaking of wax museums and roller coasters....

if you (allegedly) know somebody or are somebody (allegedly) that would be in possession of a counterfeit nevada driver license (again, allegedly) it just keeps paying off.

like in the form of half-off wax museum tickets & free re-rides for all ten persons in your party on the coaster:

6. sipping something out of an adorable container makes it even just a little better:


7. waking up to this view never seems to get old:


8. seeing this view is the reason why we keep doing it:


9. pseudo-suburban gang signs never go out of style: