KETCHUP: so many great clove family photos in one post

no posting for a month means catching up. which i dislike.
so we'll do the condensed version, hit the major highlights, call it good & move on.

in the past six weeks we've....

gone to sadies with a fun group of kids:

Picnik collage

 & continued working on our "wood" coffee table book:

jared coffee table book

the parentals escaped to one of the most beautiful places on earth for rbc's 42nd birthday:

Picnik collage

where they checked and, YEP. STILL IN LOVE:


we rocked out with one of the coolest bands on earth:


& dave grohl reinforced my theory about a not-so-hot guy turning SMOKING HOTwhen he knows his way around a guitar and a microphone:

Picnik collage

we dressed like cats for halloween:

Picnik collage

as well as hippies:

Picnik collage

& a sweet little strawberry:


Picnik collage

we embraced some crazy on the daddy-daughter date:

Picnik collage

& chuckled over the continued creative spelling stylings of our mia:


(TRANSLATION: "hi, my name is mia. i am building a house for my family. it is going to be SASSY.")

but the best part of the past six weeks was having our grandparents return home to us:



Vanessa said...

That is the cutest strawberry I have ever seen!

I bet your parents are so happy to see all their babies!

No Vegas trips? That's weird.

kami @ said...

Yay your parents are home! I bet that is so fun to have them back!

I love the green hair for the little strawberry! You guys go all out!!

R-Eight said...

Love it! Great post. Welcome home Larkins!