happy heart day!!

happy heart day to all of you. i want to give a special little valentine to my man--this is us on valentine's day 1991. someone went to alot of trouble with that background, huh? only first class for us. i love you honey! thanks for being my valentine.xoxo

i have decided that about once a week i am going to be showcasing (and my, do i use that term loosely) an AWESOMELY BAD music video. today is the perfect time to bust out my homies from "color me badd"--you know they are straight up gangsta when they use the two d's at the end of the word. take just 3 minutes out of your day to see that these fellas take their craft really seriously. love the overalls with one strap undone--remember that trend? ahhhh....! i used to think that the poor man's george michael was the cutest--and do take notice that when it's his turn to sing, he breaks it down in espanol. the ladies love a latino!--but now i am gonna have to go with curls. he is straight killing it with the hair product. i just think he is bringing it ALL in this one. enjoy it HERE


Jennie Minor said...

love the picture of you both! 1991 huh? You still had SWEET hair. you both really do look great.

Anonymous said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Mindi said...

i'm assuming you say that in reference to the video and not the sweet pic of me and rbc---if not, them's fighting words, and i'm afraid i'm going to have to get all up in your grill and ask you to step off. thank you.