mix tape: behind the music

i know i've written before about how much i love music---it plays a HUGE role in my life, and i associate so many different memories with music.

if i don't have music, i wont:

clean the house

weed the yard


drive anywhere

in fact, my biggest example of what a freak i am about music happened about 4 years ago. i used to run out in the fields by our house--never long distances, usually about 3 miles.

i had an mp3 player that i had 40 or 50 songs loaded onto, and i nevereverEVER went without it. i was about 1/3rd of my way into the run one morning when all of a sudden the player stopped. i checked the batteries, and they were totally shot. i turned right around and ran home. i was done.

but i digress...

i remember riding in my dad's brown buick with him when i was 10 or 12--it was a big car, one with a full bench seat across the front, upholstered in heavy brown velvet-velour fabric and it had a kickin' 8-track stereo system. i remember that well because buick gave an 8-track tape designed by buick specifically for buick car buyers that was in the glove compartment. when i would ride in the car with him, i would pull it out and pop it in.

my dad and mom didn't really listen to popular music on the radio--we did have a LOT of abba and carpenters and "west side story" going on at our house, but this 8-track had some songs that i thought were the BOMB.

i remember mary macgregor's "torn between two lovers" and rupert holmes' "escape (the pina colada song)" both being on there, but i had to look up the other song--i was trying to explain it to my friends the other day, and i was saying, "remember that song where she says she's been with kings and preachers and then sings, 'i've been to paradise, but i've never been to me?' " and then there were crickets chirping and my friends were looking at me with blank stares and i guessed then that they didn't.

but, lucky for YOU i found that little gem, done by an unknown artist by the name of:

now i'm REALLY aging myself because this bad boy was popular back in 1982. i just remember sitting in the car as my dad drove and flipping through the buttons on the stereo, trying to get to the song i wanted (WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY before the days where you could just skip to the next song--criminy, you couldn't even fast forward yet--you just had to wait it out.) and him putting up with it as long as he could until i drove him crazy and he shut me down.

so what i wanna know is, are there any songs that you hear a few bars of and they just take you back to a place or time in your life? let's hear it.
btw, if you want to see the spectacular video by charlene, clickity HERE


b. said...

I totally remember this song!!
I remember it use to bring me to tears....I listened to it the other day....oh, my cheese!

Shanz said...

I remember that song too. Ugh!
Any and all Willie Nielson or Johnny Cash takes me back to riding in my dads car or truck with him.

Remember the song Freak Out? Totally takes me back to the Big Arch roller rink in St. George!

rachel said...

Music does the same thing to me...I love it and can't love without it. I don't remember that song but Love is a Battlefield or any song around that time (Def Leppard Photograph, Billy Idol White Wedding, etc) always bring me back to when MTV first started. We would play it loud and dance around the house. I definitly have different soundtracks for different places in my life...love it!

Tiburon said...

There are SO many. You and me are practically the same person when it comes to music. There are TONS of songs that take me back to a certain place. One song that gets me every time is Too Hot by Kool and the Gang. It reminds me of my dad. Not sure why. I always thought they said "Gotta run for shelter - gotta run for a shave." it would have made too much sense for them to say "gotta run for shelter gotta run for shade"

heidi said...

okay, that song reminds me of working retail. just the type of song that is perfecting for selling byu sportswear.
and i think that song was in a transvestite movie called priscilla queen of the desert.
does she say "subtle whoring"? after exploring?

heidi said...

i just looked it up, she does say "subtle whoring". that just gives me chills all over.

tammy said...

Oh my gosh. I totally loved those songs too. Did you have The Osmonds Crazy Horses on 8 track? That brings back some memories of road trips with the fam.

Ida said...

I am like that about songs to work out to. I blare it on the speakers in our garage. I tink I may piss off the neighbors but oh well.

hoLLy said...

i love the story about you jogging and turning around and going home when your music stopped-that is hilarious. to answer your question: when i hear anything m.c. hammer, you don't wanna touch this. (cuz its on fire)

JenTix said...

Okay Mindi, This is my first post on your blog but I had to do it! It was the 8 track! I love the fact you experienced the best sound system out there. We had a black cougar with maroon interior and even better...We had THE MUPPETS on 8 track!

Physcokity said...

Oh goodness there are WAY too many to count!

tylertruman said...

Amy I really can not believe i have spent this much time on your blog but it cracks me up how creative you are its awesome. Anyway i just thought you might want to know you gave me my first record it was U2 Unforgettable Fire. You probably dont even remember.Its cool