mia is the very cutest little ski-bunny

how cute is this little ski bunny?

for christmas i asked santa to bring ski clothes for the whole family. luckily, jolly old st. nick had a little help from my bestie/blesbian, amy, who delivered with some rockin' SWEET GOODS at bargain prices~

every girl needs pink boots.

"apple bottom jeans and the BOOTS WIF DA FURRRRR"


anway, i guess i should state for the record that i have never been snow skiing in my ENTIRE LIFE. not even a 1/2 a time.

i've always wanted to learn, but once we were married i was always either pregnant, or nursing, or we were too poor--skiing can be a "rich man's sport" and the thought of getting all the gear was mentally exhausting and financially impossible. AND the ideas we came up with to bankroll the program (ponzi scams, cooking meth in our garage and russ selling sperm samples) fell through.

now that we are outfitted, we are gonna brave it and hope that you can really teach this old dog new tricks. (i take that back. i'm not a dog--i'm a COUGAR.)

if truth be told, i envision myself shredding it up on n the first day on peak 7601 with my boy terje-- (plus, he's skiing to foo fighters--WIN/WIN in my book.)

unfortunately, i have a sneaking suspicion that mindi's day 1 of ski instruction will go a little more like this

my question for those of you with snow skillz is: ski or snowboard? lessons or no? tips? tricks? suggestions? HELP!


3boysohmy said...

Mindi, you crazy girl...I love your blog. I ran into Amy D. at Christensen's over the holidays and got her blog info. I found you through her, I will be watching you!

Jan'L Sappington (Jones)

Plain Jame said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! You have to document day 1 of ski school! Man I'd pay good money to be there to see the cougar learn how to hit the slopes. Best time ever.

When I learned how to ski I was a teen and uttered every profane word in the book around and to my older sister who was totally shocked at my colorful vocabulary. I came home with bruises in places I did not know could bruise. Best of times.

LN said...

Sorry, can't help you re: tips/tricks. (Knee injury in high school = no skiing for me.) I just wanted to say that that's one adorable ski bunny!

Unknown said...

What is it with soooo many Utah folks never ACTUALLY hitting the slopes??? Seriously... this is a very common problem among all the people I know from your great state.

In my opinion. Snowboarding is 12 billion times better. BUT, it's harder to learn... once you get it though, you're pretty much golden.

Skiing... is probably way easier for little ones to pick up. But other than that, skiers are just REALLY annoying to boarders. (I'm just sayin... no 'fense)

Oh, and get an instructor. Soooo worth it.

Tiffany said...

We took up skiing five minutes before we moved away from Utah, so that when inevitably asked, "Oh, you're from Utah--do you ski?" we could say yes without lying.

Check out Alta first. They have a free bunny hill with a tow rope--a great place to learn some basic moves without killing yourself or others. Then, at 4:00 every day, they open up two of their simpler runs for FREE. So, if you start on the bunny hill around noon or so, you should be ready to shred the real runs at 4:00.

By the way, your baby looks cute enough to eat!

tammy said...

Cutest snow bunny ever.

My advice on skiing is to hang out in the lodge like me. Yes, I know I grew up at the base of Snowbird/Alta. Doesn't mean I like it.

Lainey-Paney said...

Well....have I got a story for you.
So, Hubby & I went to Deer Valley to snowboard.
Um....come to find out (once we got there) there is no snowboarding at Deer Valley. So we wanted ski lessons. They were booked up months before we got there.
We ended up crashing kiddie ski school to get some lessons. OMG. The stories from that trip....

We had a blast.

Here's what I have heard: if you are a great & avid skiier, then it will be hard to break the rules of skiing when you learn to snowboard.
Since I'm neither a great or avid skiier, I was READY to give snowboarding a try. That didn't work out, and I've still never been snowboarding....

Seriously, if you want to get your laugh on, read this...it's from our ONE DAY at Deer Valley:

K and/or K said...

Can not help. I prefer shoes.

Love the snow pants!

Martha H. said...

Uh... I live in Utah and have never skiied a day in my life. I think that if I ever attempted it, it would end with me spending way too much time on my butt than on the skis.

Cutest ski bunny, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Mia is the cutest, fly girl evah!

I have no advice for you. I gave up snow skiing years ago because I hate being cold but I do love to waterski!

Live it up and have fun!

Elysia & my James' said...

I tried skiing. Like 6 times. I never got it. Something about haveing to control both feet that wanted to go in opposite directions. I gave up. I've since been snowboarding twice and that is SO MUCH MORE FUN. And it was easier for me. I only had to control my feet going in one direction. And it's easier to fall. :) Good Luck!

gina bina said...

Ski. Ski. Ski. Ski. Ski.

Alta's ski for free after 3 program is T&A!

mCat said...

Help me understand why you need snow and ski equipment when you live in FREAKIN St George!!

Harlene said...

I've been skiing twice and could only manage to ski backwards, don't know why.

Totally fun day for a fam though. Enjoy!

Maybe a meet and greet at Alta?

Anonymous said...

Hey there-Did you get my e-mail?!?

Brandi said...

MM...i would say BOARD! and good luck! :)
At least if you stink, you will look good! :)
Holla Santa Claus! :)

k...Question for you:
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Thanks Mindi!!
BTW...I love how super polished you & your fam always look at church!:)

Mia said...

Easy peasy... hands down snowboarding. take lessons.

I took lessons the first three times I went boarding and they just built my confidence more and more each time. It has been at least 5 years since I have been so I would even take a refresher lesson next time I go.

Mia is the cutest ski bunny ever!

tiburon said...

I say take one lesson and go from there. I would definitely learn to ski before you board.

Good luck!

And I would like to see YOU in the gear.

nikkicrumpet said...

I haven't skied since I left Utah....but for sure ski before snowboard....we need you alive to make us laugh...so don't be going all Sonny Bono on us!

Merrill Family said...

My vote is that you learn to ski. John tried to convince me to snowboard after years of skiing, I told him no way. He was a boarder but had one bad crash that bruised tail bone turned him back into a skier. He sat on the couch in the condo for the entire week. Brianhead has an easy bunny hill and good instructors for the kids. Take pics and post. Can't wait to see em'.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Can I squish her?!

Try snowboarding and just have fun!

ps. super polished at church?! and a plug for her photo blog...awwww...she must really like you. ;)

Trina said...

Um, can I have her? Just for a day? Sooo cute.

As a native Coloradoan, I've only skied once and have gone boarding more times than I can count. Even though I got my arse bruised, my legs bruised, and hit my head one too many times, snowboarding was way more fun than skiing. Harder, but more fun.

Oh, I've also been sidelined indefinitely, due to a knee injury 6 years ago.

Good luck!

Malea Ellett said...

BOARD fo sho!!!!!!!

Way fun,
Where did Santa get those cute snow clothes??

Omgirl said...

I grew up in the vast mountain state of Michigan (sarcasm), so I never learned to ski growing up either. therefore, I think my advice as a late-to-the-sport skiier should be heeded.
1) Skiing is learned more quickly and more easily.
2) Snowboarding is WAY more cool. and it actually feels more natural once you learn. but you will fall on your hiney a LOT at first. I spent 5 years learning to ski and never really felt comfortable. I spent 2 times learning to snowboad and never got good enough to make it down a single run without falling, but it was WAAAAAAY more fun.

Oh, and don't break your arm the second time you go. That can kind of ruin the experience. Trust me.

Cole said...

I L.O.V.E. skiing. Been doing it since I was 8. First two things they taught me:

#1 The bigger your piece of pie/pizza is, the slower you go. (refering to the wedge shape you're making with your skis)

#2 What ever you do, don't cross your tips.

Oh, and my dad's helpful hint for steep hills. Lots of turns! That way you're not going straght down the hill.

I have never tried boarding and I want to, espescially since I just dove into the world of surfing, but I think it's eaisier to balance on skis. My mom always says, "One plank is better than two."

There you go advice from me, my mom, and my dad!