madi stayed with us for 3 days a few weeks ago while her parents were roughing it in hawaii.

most of the time, life was good.

in a few instances, though, life was bad:

mia displayed an appalling lack of sympathy to madi's overall predicament:

it was also discovered that the best place for an impromptu picnic was chandler's bed:


Joellen said...


*KaTiE cLoVeR* said...

"no mimi no, NO!" "channiiii...datiieeee....mimi...." hahaha that was the best. i love you, mom
thank you Megan for letting your baby stay with us! (:

Anonymous said...

How cute are they!

Megal said...

Love that you watched my baby for me while we played the days away! Thanks again. These babies are too crazy together. If they are already starting this early being so mischievous just think what we have to look forward to!

tiburon said...

Picnic time is awesome!

kami @ said...

What cute cousins, bawling and all. I think they need more plates. ;)