DO'S & DON'TS of a rick springfield concert:

DO be pleasantly surprised that the rickster still looks pretty freakin' good. mindi was prepared for the brett-michaels-bandanna-weave-botox combo but am happy to report that rick still rocked it in the looks department~

DO go with your besties on a beautiful april night at tuacahn

DO wear your 'adult orthodontia' to show solidarity for your younger self who rocked it to rick while playing 'ms pac man' at the arcade. while your friend wore your retainer.

DON'T be shocked that there were a lot of ladies on the down-side of 40 with bad perms and 6 inches of root who wanted to shake it AND break it SOLEY for the benefit of the rickster.

DO be totally amused by them and get distracted from the actual concert. LOTS.

DON''T come to a concert if you have to put your fingers in your ears...

or stuff them with toilet paper.

if it's TOO LOUD, then you are TOO OLD!

DO grab mr. springfield's leg as he walked up through the crowd.
DON'T wash that hand. EVER. again.


SO said...

That sounds awesome! Too funny about the guy putting his fingers and TP in his ears.

Melissa said...

Hysterical! And anyone/anything at Tuhacan is fab!

JenTix said...

I am so jealous! Rick was my first concert. Look at what he started. My nickname is JenTix and I have a concert ticket problem. I still love him!

Omgirl said...

Ok, I can see having to plug your ears at an ACDC concert. But Rick Springfield??? How hard could he possibly be rockin?

Kami said...

Did you scream out "I loooove you Riiiick!?"