thankful thursday

LOTS of things to be thankful for this week:

**the beautiful 85 degree weather that allows us to go on a radical evening ride in our bff's totally bitchin' jeep WITH NO DOORS!

**for little girls in their easter finery

**for older girls who still like being seen in public with their mothers. (sometimes.)

**for the crown necklace that my girl kami gave me which i haven't taken off since saturday morning

**for an (almost!) four year old girl who wanted her mother to bring her back a necklace from salt lake city.

and for these "mia quotes" kristin texted me while gone:

"oh my heck! i look so pretty!"

"can i have your phone? i need to text somebody."

"my hair looks like freaking retarded."

**for the tooth abbey lost

**for my arms to be a disappointment to me always. but then realizing that hard arms aren't always GREAT.

and for the part from :35 to :52 of this movie trailer that made me LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. {i heart jason bateman!}


Whitney R said...

LOVE the green and I love those easter dresses!

tiburon said...

Crap. That was totally my list.

Except for the arms. Madonna is freaking me out.

Kami said...

My sisters wanted to know if there were 'prizeys' on our weekend trip, and I said You Betcha! except yours totally beat the pants off mine. I'll never catch up.

Mia Quotes are my new favorite!

Zoe and Dustin said...

So I'm a frequent stalker of your blog, I just love it. But this is my first comment - so exciting!!
I just have to say that you and your oldest daughter look like sisters!! You are both gorgeous! I so hope that I can look like my little girls older sister down the road!!!

Vanessa said...

That was Ben Affleck? I had no idea! Looks funny.

tammy said...

Love the Mia quotes.

rachel said...

and that rachie is back and better than evah' with a new url: !

alex dumas said...

It's JASON, Mindi. JASON!
And that looks like some funny stuff.

Mindi said...

oh. my. HELL. i am better than that......what the?

MiaKatia said...

I love your girls! The Mia quotes were hilarious. Reed texted my sister in law the other day, 17 times. That's what you get for letting a 3 year old push buttons on the phone.

Devri said...

Hey lady, sorry I have been Mia!!

Something was going on with My/your blog, I would get on, then bam, I would have to shut my computer down.. ugh!!

But I wanted to come and try it again..

Yay!! It is fixed!

So now I can laugh daily again..

Omgirl said...

A jeep with no doors? Seriously??? Girlfriend, we might have to break up.

SO said...

I love those girls in their Easter finery! And isn't it cool when kids get older and still want to hang out? I love that.

And those arms are seriously creepy.

Stace said...

friend of tib, sister of loni....why, oh why haven't i read your blog sooner?! LOVE the crown necklace...i've actually been hunting for the perfect one for a month! do you know where she got it?