13 thoughts about sea world (in no particular order.)

1. much of the background music has been scored by yanni. with a bit of kenny g thrown in for good measure. and that there, folks, would be the musical marriage of two artistic GENIUSES:

2. it never, NEVER ceases to amaze me what some people would consider "appropriate theme-park wear".

3. i might have visited every SINGLE bathroom within the entire seaworld boundaries proper.

4. twice.

5. "the pink flamingos are that color because they eat shrimp. the white ones are vegetarians." --chandler

6. is it really necessary to record the entire 30 minute presentation of "sea lions LIVE!" ?? i mean, really--who's gonna watch that?

7. i laughed out loud when i saw a guy standing in line at lunch wearing THIS t shirt:

8. sea world needs to step up it's game, BIG TIME, in the food/snacks/beverage department. if i can't see something every 10 minutes that appeals to me whilst living it up on vacay, then you are SORELY underperforming in this arena. (translation: it doesn't take much. come ON, guys!)

9. mia is EXACTLY 42 inches tall. (go figure!)

10. i might have teared up during the shamu show. twice. or perhaps three times.


11. being able to ride on the tip of a killer whale's nose while being propelled through the water at 20 mph is severely overrated as a job. i think any of us could do it.

12. in fact, russ and i are preparing for our very OWN killer whale show complete with music and sound effects in our back yard.

13. we suggest that you reserve your tickets now. it's gonna be HOT.


kami @ nobiggie.net said...

It will be (as Aiden would say...) Hhhaaaaatttt.

I haven't been there since I was a kid. C'mon Sea World, if Mindi says step it up...then get on it!!

alex dumas said...

Sounds awesome. So the price of a ticket is leaving a comment, then?

Vanessa said...

Shamu kissed me once when I went there on a Brownie/Girl Scout field trip. It was pretty slimy.

Suzie said...

I cry when I see that damn Shamu show.
and parades sometimes.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope it's lovely.

Unknown said...

Me too.
And then I practically bore my testimony about it in the family scrapbook.
I was far too caught up in the moment. And there was no alcohol involved.

Omgirl said...

I really like Sea World, except for all the sentimental BULL CRAP during the Shamu show. More Shamu, less scheisse.

Mia said...

What an awesome vacation! Can I come next time?!?!

Camille Kemp said...

I have 1 to add. Seaworld is lame and twice the price of the San Diego Zoo which oozes with awesome-ness. FACE!

tiburon said...

vegetarian flamingos!?! who knew?!?!

Plain Jame said...

Is it total blasphemy to say that I dont care much for Sea World other than like 2 shows. Just aint worth it to me.