true confession time was time to get dave & martin fixed.

i figured it was part of my duties as a responsible pet owner. but REALLY because i thought that dave was a girl and i didn't want martin to get her in a heap of trouble.

the sad part about this little antidote is the fact that i wasn't worried so much about that at first---when russ asked me about getting them both fixed so that dave wouldn't get in a family way, i told him it wasn't gonna happen. because they were brother and sister. and that would be incest.

the even sadder, more pathetic part of this story is that i truly believed what i was saying.

the moral of this story? don't be an idiot. AND get your pets fixed.

{ps--found out that both dave & martin are boys. but still got them both fixed since i was told they could each impregnate up to 3 dozen female cats. you're welcome, feline ladies.}


kami @ said...

Good for you! I'm proud! and so is Bob Barker. ...and so is the other Bob Barker (aka Rukkus).

tiburon said...

Bob would be proud. And since I know that his pride is your sole reason for living you must be floating on air.

Leeta_Lament said...

How old were Dave and Martin at this time? I have a kitten and I'd like to get him fixed before he begins to spray but I have no idea how long I should wait to get him fixed.

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