15 lessons learned while @ disneyland

ahhhhh.....land 'o DISNEY! how much do we love thee?

things we learned from our trip to the hip-hop-happiest place on earth:

1. going with family = PRICELESS.

2. santa just so happens to hang out by the pier at california adventure daily from 10 to 5 pm. who woulda thought?

3. it's always, ALWAYS advisable to take along a 'sugar daddy' who will foot the bill. (and who's easy on the eyes.) ours didn't let us down. well played, rbc.

4. pocohontas is SMOKIN' HOT. none of the other princesses stood a chance when the chick with leather and fringe appeared. i gotta admit--i was TOTALLY into her.

5. mindi nearly ran over 2 pedestrians while rubbernecking at CINDY CRAWFORD and her hubby, randy gerber. who walked RIGHT. PAST. US!

she would definitely be the star with the most wattage that i've ever spotted--and she looked fantastic. (damn her.)

6. for a mere 8 american dollars, one can purchase an ENTIRE TURKEY LEG that will feed a family of 4. god bless the usa!

7. disnelyand is for LOVAAAAAHHHHHS:

8. whilst playing my traditional "who has to wear the worst costume while laboring at disneyland?" game, i found a new winner--any person who has to wear this during their indentured service to 'toon town:

(ps--who in the H thought it was a good idea to bring back overalls? was somebody smoking peyote during that particular costume concepts meeting? and why wasn't i invited?)

9.speaking of mistakes--disney doesn't make many. but i believe they might have just committed a major fashion faux pas when they charge upwards of 200 bucks so that your little one can look one of 3 hot messes:

(and yes, i drug this actual, crumpled brochure all the way home just to mock it. which might be a bit cynical on my part. but, oi VEY....)

10. it's always good to catch a nap whenever one can--whether in the comfort of your own home, or on a solitary bench in the middle of the california adventure boardwalk surrounded by thousands of your friends:

{i am so gonna get in trouble for posting these, defying parental instructions. but, truly--these were my FAVORITE photos of the whole entire trip. i love my parents!}

11. i still, STILL have issues with wearing non-cute shoes with jeans. i always feel like it might be my own personal version of 'dress like a lesbian' day. not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that--i like both lesbians. and comfortable shoes:)

12. it IS possible to get a 4-year old onto the tower of terror by telling her "it's just an elevator, honey...."

not so easy to do the same with the street-smart 8-year old. but bribery involving a 'VIP' pass works. abbey was so brave!

13. it is also possible to get your entire family (minus grandma and the 3 little ones) on the tower of terror for group photo.

but murphy's law states that they are gonna seat a random bald stranger and his kid smack-dab in the middle:

(can you tell that abbey--lower left--was NOT happy? not happy at all....:)

14. disney at christmas time ? {sigh.}

15. having a stranger take your group photo might = a bit fuzzy....


R-Eight said...

Such a great post! You always crack me up. Glad you're back.

Tiffany said...

Oh, I missed you! Everything about this post made me so happy. You are rocking the non-cute shoes with your jeans, girl!

I LOOOOVE the photo of your parents snoozing. It touched my heart strings and my funny bone.

Those turkey legs are the best! (But judging from the size of the leg, I'm not convinced that Disney isn't breeding some kind of jurassic turkey back behind Toon Town.)

Lainey-Paney said...

Those pics of your parents: you are sooooooooo going to be in trouble. Grounded & what not....

Looks like you guys had sooooo much fun!!!

alex dumas said...

What's wrong with those shoes? The swoosh is pink. That doesn't make them cute?

heidi said...

my comfy shoe solution? black sequin converse. no one can tell i am wearing arch support inserts. just a secret between me and my podiatrist. and some emo kid even complimented me. he probably didn't notice that i need to touch up my grays.

Kami said...

Disneyland at Christmas (sigh) Heaven on earth, I tell ya!

I am all about the sensible shoes at a theme park.

It all looks and sounds so fun, especially that giant Turkey Leg!

tammy said...

I love Disneyland.
And your parents.
And Tower of Terror.
And being able to walk after 3 days in the park far outways the cuteness factor when it comes to shoes.

tammy said...

And I forgot to tell you, we were at Disneyland on gay & lesbian day once. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Now you know that I love your parents as much as legally possible without getting a restraining order, but I honestly laughed out loud at the picture of them asleep. It must be genetic; do I need to remind you of Park City 08? Love all your pix!

Anonymous said...

Oh park city '08...good times!

Cole said...

My family gets two turkey legs, one for them, one for me....

Tower of Terror VIP-SERIOUSLY! I need some of that next time.

Vanessa said...

Your parents!!! HILARIOUS! Old people are like babies, they can fall asleep anywhere!

Did you ask Cindy about the whole blackmail scandal currently swirling about? I"m sure she would have talked to you about it for sure!

Omgirl said...

Oh, Honey, I SO agree with you on the tragedy of having to wear comfortable shoes when traveling. I hate it! I'd love to sport flip flops all day, but I might as well chop my feet off and walk around on the bloody stubs, that's how my feet would feel after the first hour at a theme park.

Camille Kemp said...

I find it hard to believe that you found ANYTHING to eat at disneyland under $14.99. They are like the movie theaters. Banish utside found so they can financially rape you inside. And what's the deal? Katie=Too good to pose with disney characters?