{l to r: mindi, loni, derrill, michael, lana holding megan, & ryan}

okay, just how stylin' was my dad up there in that photo? the man knew how to work a polka-dotted shirt and the white man's version of an afro--NICE!

i actually remember taking that photo--it was while we were on a family vacay/larkin family reunion in california, & i was obsessed with the pirates of the caribbean ride. good times.....

thanks for all of the helpful suggestions in newport beach--we are going to try to incorporate as many of them into our getaway as possible.

sea world and disneyland are also calling our names. so we have NO choice but to obey.

p.s. attention all potential burglars: we have people staying at our house, guarding and watching over everything. their names are martin & dave and they are NOT afraid of opening up a can of whoop ass. (as well as a token human.)


Jen @ said...

Have a great time! Newport Beach is one of our favorite vacation spots. I LOVE that 70's picture - it is awesome!

My husband and I are also headed to So. Cal this weekend for a little getaway. Can't wait. I hope the weather is going to be good!


Tiffany said...

Have the best time and know that you will be missed. The bloggerhood isn't the same without you.

P.S. That family photo is every kind of awesome!

Joellen said...

Loni is off the hook in this family picture.

tiburon said...

Have such a super fantastic trip.

And remember to keep your phone handy. Justincase.

Smooches :)

kami @ said...

This family photo is worth more than 1000 words. My favorite part is that your dad is fully dressed when the rest of you are all in your suits.

Have a great trip! We will miss you.

Vanessa said...

Have fun!

(when this pic was taken, I was down the road in SD posing for a Christmas card on the beach with a blow up Santa :)

Megal said...

First off, unless mom had a baby she got rid of before me there is NO possible way this picture was taken in 1979 because I was not born until 1980....interesting. I may have to look into this one.
secondly, how come I have never seen this picture before?

*KaTiE cLoVeR* said...

yeah meggie, we were talking about that on the way down here. it IS taken in 1980! we were laughing about it. can't wait to see you down here. love you!