63 random thoughts

1. sting's fortress around your heart is one of the most under-appreciated love songs of the past 20 years. (listen to it one more time.)
2. dave likes to drink out of the toilet.
3. which bends me out of shape. ROYALLY.
4. it totally creeps me out when i see little dirty kitty paw-prints on my toilet seat.
5. i spend lots of time yelling, "GIRLS! DID YOU PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN??!!"
6. yeah, i know.
7. the hair on my legs grows in extremely soft. and quite slowly.
8. which is why i might go 6 weeks in the winter without shaving them.
9. allegedly.
10. i've always loved wham's 'last christmas'.
11. plus, HELLO? george michael at a eurotrash ski resort=GENIUS:

12. i remember watching that video when i was 15 and thinking i would DIE if i didn't have george.
13. too bad i didn't know he liked boys.
14. i also like ashley tisdale's cover
15. but my new favorite, of course, is the new glee cover.
16. i sweat a lot at the gym lately--my hair is soaked when i am through working out.
17. i am way too hot in my bed at night as well.
18. (that's what SHE said!)
19. i think it's a part of menopause. which i SO am not old enough to even type.
20. pretty soon i'll be at golden corral, ready to eat dinner at 4:30 p.m.
21. i'm a sucker for christmas cadburry eggs.
22. they just so happen to be a "trigger" food for me.
23. i bought 2 bags at target on monday. you know, to save for christmas.
24. they are both gone.
25. i like turtles.
26. i bought gold letters last year after christmas that said NOEL--they were 90 percent off!
27. i paid a whopping 97 cents for them.
28. i channeled my inner-crafter and put them in a shadow box.
29. i think it is kinda cool:

30. the only downside is that our friend jared can't rearrange the letters to spell LEON.
31. good thing there will still be plenty of reindeer for him to mess with.
32. we just rented a roller-rink for part of our new year's eve party.
33. which totally reminded me of couples skate (or "snowball" as i affectionately remember) when i was in 3rd grade.
34. adrian weiss asked me to skate to "baby come back"--but i remember he had to drop my hand mid-skate to wipe his hand on his pants.
35. they were a bit sweaty :)
36. i have a santa hat/beard combo costume for my catties.
37. which i know is SAD as well as PATHETIC.
38. i LOVED this polar bear for your yard at christmas time. (the LED lights are wicked cool.)
39. what i DON'T like for the yard for christmas time is THIS. or THIS. or THIS.
40. i'm bummed that my mom made fudge yesterday and ruined it all by putting nuts in it. :(
41. i forgive her, though.
42. i liked kami's idea of giving a "best lights" prize when we go christmas-light looking with the girls this year.
43. we are totally gonna do it.
44. so, people in the santa jorge area: you better step up your game!
45. every time i see she-pratt from 'the hills', i wonder what the H she is doing to get so skinny:

46. & then wonder if i'm the only one shallow enough to want some for myself?
47. i need a 32 gig i pod to hold all of my music. the 8 gig is just not cutting it.
48. after cleaning out my laundry room i feel like i'm a stage 5 hoarder.
49. which is what augustine was. (it's the worst, btw.)
50. we made a gingerbread train last night with the girls for the first day of our advent calendar.
51. i'd say it looked bit more like a TRAIN WRECK.
52. i think michael douglas was freaking badass in wall street.

53. if i had a boy, i would have considered naming him gordon gekko.
54. okay, maybe not.
55. i lost my phone the night we came home from disneyland.
56. it is the umpteenth phone i have misplaced in the past 5 years.
57. i don't TRY to lose them. i just seem to have a knack for it.
58. if i was writing a blog post about it, the title would be "irresponsible."
59. the only good thing that came of it was the fact that i got a blackberry curve for next to nothing.
60. which generally means that they are on their way OUT.
61. it's how i roll.
62. my favorite from this season of sytycd is jakob:

63. even if he spelled his name the lame, trendy way.


tammy said...

I love your NOEL.

My boys mess with my nativity scene. Sometimes it's not very holy.

I'm not so much into the blow-up Christmas decor either. And this year I'm kind of tired of what we do have for the yard, so it may not get put up. Good thing you're not coming here with a prize. I wouldn't get it.

Vanessa said...

So because I have an inflatable Santa/Elves helicopter, is that a deal breaker?

Holy Hell Augustine, your roosters DO NOT go with your home decor.

alex dumas said...

I'm wondering how it is that I've never seen that Wham video, but I sure did enjoy it. Thanks for a little old-school George.

gina bina said...

You crack me up girl! Especially the 3rd grade rollerskating hand holding. Classic.


Mandy said...

I, too, wanted (well, still sort of want) George. I was going to marry him. Or let him marry Paula Abdul. They were my fav. Too bad they are both a little crazy now. :)

Laura said...

Hello!!! She-Pratt is throwing it all up! How do we not know this, Mindi!?! You are certainly not caught up on your trash mags! Do better! :)

Tiffany said...

I love your crafty-craft. It's very swanky and cool. Plus, my dad's name is Leon. I thought you should know.

Your random thoughts are so fun. Sorry it didn't work out with you and George Michael.

Kendra said...

K - the whole Adrian Weiss thing was cracking me up... how do you remember all this stuff???

Kami said...

I love Mindi's random thoughts. I love the GLEE version! thanks for that. The Noel is awesome framed like that!

Remind me next time we are together to tell you my Run Leon Run Joke. You will love it!

Jana said...

Why have I never heard about Christmas cadburry eggs until now?!?

*tires screeching on my way to target*