judge and jury

have i mentioned that there is an awful lotta estrogen 'round these parts this week?

besides the 5 women that normally occupy this space, we've added three more females to the brood. our besties colby & kristin took off for exotic locations (translation: cruise) and we are partying with their offspring.

good thing we know how to do the "GIRL THING" at this house--i've got it down to a science.

girls can be so funny about things, though--there is always a bunch of drama/tears/explanation of feelings/feelings getting hurt/more tears involved in every possible scenario. without fail.

the other night we had a funny little incident with chandler that totally took me back to my own adolescent years:

chandi had been at a friend's house with 5 other girls for a late night. we went to pick her up and when she got into the car, she exclaimed, "i'm EXHAUSTED! that was really hard just barely."

i said, "really? what was hard?"

she replied, "we just got out of court."

me: "ummmmmm, come again? a court? of LAW?"

chandi: "yeah--friend number 1 accidentally shoved friend number 3 and then she really got hurt and started crying--friend number 4 said that we needed to hold a court to decide who was right and who was wrong and it stressed me out. i didn't want to pick. i'm just glad i wasn't the judge--that would have been too much pressure!"

me: "giggle. guFAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!"

so i ask: when was the last time YOU held a court with a jury of your peers to either prosecute or defend one of your besties? so typical 12 year old female........and SO wrong on so many levels!

(for the record? if i was ever to have to "go to court" with my friends i would totally hire the law services of cheatem and howe--if you sign up to sue someone this week you get a FREE DIVORCE!)

it reminded me of an afternoon at recess out on the east elementary playground--i was in 6th grade and had somehow finagled my way into the popular group of girls. there was about 5 or 6 of us (entirely too many 12 year olds in one place at one time) and the unfortunate task of telling anna* (fictional name) that there "just wasn't enough room in our clique for any more--we were FULL."

i told her as we stood next to the 2nd base of the kickball field, and she started crying. i don't remember what i said to her at all, but i will ALWAYS remember that she yelled: "NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!" and stormed off.

i just sighed, and told myself that heavy was the mantle of great and important responsibility......

so lame. so misinformed. and SO typical of our race.

i just wonder how we get these young girls from age 3 to about 21 without wanting to kill them or the females surrounding them--


Shawn said...

I raised three girls----I know JUST what you are talking about! But then----I'd rather girls than boys...at least you know where you stand!

Tiffany said...

Wow! I'm so blown away by the court scene (please tell me there was a "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" in there somewhere). May I pretty please use a version of this in my novel somewhere? It is priceless.

alex dumas said...

Yes, girls are all about drama, and I know there must be a reason for it, even though I have to constantly wonder why. In our house of girls, someone is *always* crying.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

poor Russ! He needs a vacation... you both do!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for helping those painful 6th grade memories of when I moved to Utah and the cool girls wouldn't let me in "their group." I hope they are all fat and ugly now.