52 random thoughts

1. i've really been digging diet sierra mist cranberry splash.
2. it's a nice alternative sometimes to my beloved diet dr pepper.
3. or 'dark drink' as one of my children used to lovingly refer to it as.
4. i think my man is taking me somewhere special for my 40th birthday.
5. it's a surprise and i might die of anticipation.
6. i have ways of making him talk.
7. but he seems immune to my girlish charms and is holding strong.
8. i am beyond excited!

9. so so SO glad that celebrity rehab 3 premiered last night! total entertainment.
10. plus it doesn't hurt that dr. drew is a silver fox.
11. somebody who isn't a fox? heidi fleiss:

12. that woman looks like 5 miles of rough road.
13. i hate that losing weight/maintaining weight loss is mostly about what you put in your mouth.
14. i would like it to be a little more about exercise.
15. mindi has run out of gas in her car two different times in the past 6 months.
16. what kind of irresponsible person does that?
17. DON'T answer that.
18. i've noticed that i wear slippers a lot more now that i am advancing in years.
19. i like this song.
20. i also like this one as well.
21. which makes me feel guilty--shouldn't i be boycotting adam lambert on principal alone?
22. i seem to allow a bit of a 'gray area' when it comes to music.

23. i totally loved this hot photo of the boys from glee.
24. today, for the first time, i clicked on the button titled "today's visits" on my site meter.
25. it breaks down the visits your blog has daily, hour by hour.
26. i found that my "rush hour" is during the 10 to 11 am hour--.
27. i never thought i would peak in the AM.
28. i wish i could read japanese.

29. then i could translate the spam that i keep getting over and over again on THIS post.
30. i'm hoping it contains naughty asian swear words.
31. there is some sort of dead animal rotting away in the fields on river road by summit athletic club.
32. but for some strange reason i smell it only in the mornings when i come home from the gym.
33. it's a foul, foul stench.
34. then i start to think about what a dead HUMAN body would smell like.
35. and then i creep myself out for even having that thought cross my mind.
36. what kind of sick and twisted mind thinks of these things?
37. DON'T answer that.
38. now who wants to come and have a sleepover? :)

39. i love to get in my bathtub.
40. but the water has to be really hot.
41. everytime i'm in there, though, i think about what my friend dannielle told me.
42. "you are basically sittting in your own filth."
43. speaking of bathtubs, i saw a facebook update that cracked me up the other day:

YET ANOTHER URGENT FACEBOOK UPDATE: As of TODAY Facebook will automatically start selling your organs on the Black Market.. --C.O.D.-- To change this option --go to Settings-->Privacy-->Bathroom-->Ice-filled Bathtub then UNCLICK the box that says 'Remove my kidneys'. FACEBOOK KEPT THIS QUIET! 93% of people will not repost this.13 hours ago

44. a year ago if you would have told me that we would have not one but TWO cats living INSIDE our home, i would have said that you were smoking crack.
45. who's the crack smoker now?
46. recently i may or may not have purchased some cat stocking holders at target.
47. i justified it with the fact that they were 90 percent off!
48. i paid $1.19 for each one.
49. my brother in law would tell me it was $1.19 too much.
50. speaking of christmas and cats--i wish i would have thought of THIS first:

51. i want you to have a fantastic weekend!
52. really.


R-Eight said...

these are my favorite posts. Love you Mindi.

Sunny said...

Did you laugh out loud when you wrote #38? I laughed when I read it, then pictured you sitting at your computer, writing it, giggling/chuckling, taking a sip of your diet DP/diet sierra mist, and feeling proud of that gem, yet a little embarrassed that you laughed at your own joke.

Don't ask me how I know the intimacies of such a thing. I may or may not laugh at my own amazing wittiness once or fifty times a day. For shame.

Vanessa said...

I want to know what the heck happened to Heidi Fleiss and her lips. Did someone drive out to her house in the middle of Death Valley and perform some plastic surgery with one of her birds beaks??? All I can say is I can't wait for Tom Sizemore to show up...that will be some SWEET reality tv!

And did you see how that hooker (no pun intended) was totally flirting w/my boyfriend Dr. Drew and how he just ignored her advances??? I love him.

alex dumas said...

I'll share this with you because I bet you'll appreciate it. It's my recent favorite status update from my friend Christopher: "I reluctantly admit that when I see attractive people at McDonalds I feel better about eating there."
I love people that can make me laugh. Thanks, Mindi.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

#18 wins.

Happy Weekend Mrs. Clove!

Adam said...

I'd love to see what the Japanese comments were - use translate.google.com

Hildie said...

I hate baths. Not only does the water get cold after a while, but it's too quiet. I love a shower to drown out the noise of my house.

And then there is the whole "sitting in your filth" thing.

tiburon said...

Heidi Fleiss is jiggity jacked!!

And I LOVE a bath.

My favorite place in my house is in my jacuzzi tub. I can't get enough of it. I take 3 or 4 a week!

Plain Jame said...

Heidi looks dead behind the eyes. She freaks me out.

I love your list.