thankful thursday


** the million dollar smile that chanandler bong is currently sporting--"braces off" day is the BEST. (but her parents aren't super crazy about the fact that she now looks older. thumbs down!)

**the massive stud who is also arrestingly beautiful (translation: russ) who surprised me and got me the htc hero for christmas.

seriously, i have never been more in love with a cell phone in my whole life--it's the nicest phone i've ever owned and it's been so easy to navigate. i'm also thankful for the tutorial i got from a really patient tutor. (thanks, kyle!)

i like to refer to it as "the poor man's i phone", but only because it has a lot of cool apps and does some pretty wicked awesome things. i heart it so--

**this picture of michael cera dressed up as a d bag from new jersey with the tool from jersey shore.

i think that an entire bottle of hair gel was used to create this masterpiece.

**this photo of kitties. just because.

**and for 41 seconds of the most annoying sound in the world.


heidi said...

thank you for that picture of michael cera. it totally has made my whole fricking day. my whole fricking 3rd snow day this week.
and can i admit that at one point in my single career, i LOVED spiked back hair like that.

alex dumas said...

The things that amuse you.
The new phone looks fun.

kami @ said...

Chandi looks so pretty and yes...a bit grown up. nooooo...

I love that Kyle is your patient tutor, let's do it again.

Vanessa said...

I must say that I like Pauly D better then "The Situation". But I just admitted that we watch that show. How embarrassing.

tiburon said...

Woo hoo for no braces!!!!

Plain Jame said...

C-bong looks SOOOO much older - OH NO! She looked cute in braces, and super cute without so it's a win/win. Seriously, she's a doll.

Ida said...

Yeah for no braces just starting out G on her's. Have that phone it kicks ass. I hold it more than I do my own children.