thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**the surprise early 40th bday celebration i had last weekend ~

it was orchestrated by amy & kami, and i was so very excited for three reasons:

1. i've never had an all out birthday party complete with party favors galore. SCORE!

2. i've never, ever had balloons on my birthday. legit. and just take a look at those silver bad boys! (however, i would like to state for the record that i've received them when i've birthed a baby. and they were spectacular.)

3. any time a portion of the evening can be fully dedicated to me makes it my FAVORITE TIME OF NIGHT.

i felt so loved and extremely special. and an evening with these girls was just what the doctor. ordered:

what i did not love about the evening was the fact that i didn't get photos of the other ladies surrounding me. so i've re-created a very life-like scenario, depicting them in their natural habitat:

{l to right: shannon, melissa, arianne, & tiburon}

i received many wonderful birthday surprizeys. they were all wonderful and lovingly-thought out and i was so grateful.

one that gets special recognition, however, was the spectacular piece of jewelry gifted to me by my beloved vanessa:

i'm never taking it off.

{want it? need it? have to have it? find it HERE.}

** speaking of surprises, i am so very psyched about the fact that my man is taking me away next week to celebrate the 40 years i've been on this planet. & it's somewhere warm & tropical.....

he has kept it a secret. and i am DYING to find out.

what a great present, no? russ is pretty advanced when it comes to the gifting arena. i'm a lucky girl.

**the fact that i made it through another confession booth without too much trauma. and minimal therapy.

everybody played so nice that i'm committed for may 2010.

i thought that, by typing that, i sounded really epic. but, then again, i am somewhat easily amused.

{image that made me L.O.L. (!!) courtesy tiburon}

**this commercial that reminded me that clowns serve a purpose.


Kami said...

I loved that night! When can we do it again? I can't wait to hear all about your tropical getaway to VERNAL. ;) Really, I'm jealous.

Audrey {+} John said...

Happy b day Mindy! That clown commercial was dang funny!

Tiffany said...

Vernal! Hah!

Happy pre birthday, you gorgeous girl! You deserve every wonderful surprise imaginable!

Amy said...

Vernal is not warm enough.. I think he is going big... MESQUITE! TOo bad that one really nice hotel/casino has shut down. Darn it! It was a fun night... we really do need to do it again.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the clown commercial - I'm in tears I'm laughing so hard every time I see it.

Can you help me figure out how you load youtube videos to your blog? I can't for the life of me figure it out :(

Vanessa said...

My kids kept telling me about that commercial. Now I know why they were freaked out by the clown.

I'm so glad you love your necklace. Just don't wear it tooooo much, it might turn green or something.

Best 40th I have ever been to. You may now turn to the wall and die.

Vanessa said...

AND, I'm glad Kami got the jail bait right behind you in the pic at the table.

Miss Anne said...


Secondly... hands down, the CUTEST favors i've EVER SEEN.

:) and Thirdly? That necklace is adorable.

hope you and the hubs have a great trip too!


veronica said...

How did you get that picture of me in my bikini with my beach bucket and my boombox?

Can't wait to hear where you go for your get-away!

M-Cat said...

Super fun night! And can't wait to hear where your warm tropical get away is.

Shawn said...

Yay for your birthday!! And may I say that I love your haircut---you look stunning----as always. I will be back to check out the photos of your fun vacay! Cheers!

gina bina said...

Happy Birthday Mindi-Loo-Hoo! I hope it was over the top, like you!

{Annie N.} said...

Happy happy birthday! How freakin'cute was your little party! I can tell Amy had a hand in it. Love your hair!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the clown commercial. My stomach is still hurting from laughing!

Omgirl said...

Hey, if you're REALLY lucky, maybe RBC will be taking you to TX and you can hang out with me and Jennie! 60 degrees is warm and tropical, right?

Seriously though, Happy Birthday. You are a riot.

tiburon said...

It was the best night ever.

We should do it every Saturday...

GRAMEE said...

happy birthday, I just drop in from time to time because i stalk blogs that have you on their blog rolls.. so i guess i will have to start stalking you!