thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

a husband & father who thought to bring roses to all five of his women on valentine's day:

*a birthday girl who celebrated 9 years on valentine's day with a cake made by our aunt megan:

*a cartoon from these guys that made me giggle:

*the documentation of "how women have a planning meeting". (translation: LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD.):

*these lovely ladies who's company i enjoy on a monthly basis:

(girl's club. established 1998. still going strong.)


Unknown said...

YES! LOVE IT...stealing it to watch all day tomorrow.

kami @ said...

Oh that commercial, Hilarious!

I love that you have a LOVE BABY (abbey).

Vanessa said...

Look at your man, look at funny!

alex dumas said...

I love that commercial. All because he smells like Old Spice.

tammy said...

I'm on a horse. So funny. I just introduced Luvpilot to it last night. We usually skip thru all the commercials but for this I made him stop.