thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

*the chance to see my blogging bff vanessa this weekend. i {heart} her.

she'll be in santa jorge with her pharmacist hubby, elton. i think he is bringing me illegal mexican fen-phen. it's gonna be EPIC.

*a 12 year old girl.

chandler was so excited for the big bday this year--she was celebrating her last "hurrah" (no official birthday parties after 12 at this house. unless you are turning 40. and then you get an awesome surprise one!) she walked around for 2 weeks with a clipboard listing all games, activities, & time-frames.

aunt megan made the most delicious oreo cake. presents were gifted and admired:

eleven teen and pre-teen girls in one basement for the night:

(jealous much?)

birthday invites, streamers, & prizes: $35.00

pizza, drinks, & snacks for eleven: $60.00

having your parents cave and give you a cell phone against their better judgement:


*parents who are wonderful examples to me.

mom & dad are leaving on an 18 month mission for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. they are going to be serving in the temple presidency in costa rica!

i am so proud of them and what they represent--they have been the most loving, caring, intuitive & giving parents, and i am grateful for their influence in my family's lives.

i'm not so hot on them being several continents away, though. so for now i am going with the idea of it being an outstanding vacation opportunity when we go visit them.

i hope it takes.

*& finally, for the fact that i don't need this.



Vanessa said...

I made the list above your daughter and your parents? That is true love. So excited! Can't wait!

All that $$$ you spend on Chandler's braces paid off! She has the cutest smile EVER!

Twiddle Thumbs said...

Costa Rica?! That is so NOT fair. (pardon the pout) Jeff's parents were called to the mission presidency to beautiful, exotic...Denver. Oh. That's not exotic. Oh well. at least it's beautiful. :)

Congrats to your parents though. That's awesome!

Creative Juice by Loni said...

WHAT were you thinking when you gave Chandi a PHONE???? Now I'm going to have to start your electroshock therapy much sooner than I had planned...

gina bina said...

I am smiling at the big group picture of all those girls :) All their faces are priceless!

Anonymous said...

Will your Mom still be able to read the CB from Costa Rica or can we let 'er rip now?

kami @ said...

What a cool calling for your folks!
aaahhh I know why you got her a you could have yours back.

Oh Vanessa...making me look bad. Next time I'm down there, it will be all Mindi all the time. You will be sick of me. :)