we know schmidt

{elton, vanessa, mindi, & russ--dinner @ dos caminos, the palazzo }

how much fun did we have with my vanessa and her main man, elton? (notice how it looks like vaness and i were on the date in the photo above. which is usually the case with bloggers--why pretend otherwise? ;)

answer? TOO MUCH.

elton & i hit it right off because he's my favorite type of person. (translation: PHARMACIST.)

it also didn't hurt that he came bearing gifts:

i can't tell you how long i've been waiting for somebody to heed my tortured cries for mexican phen-fen......PLUS, the fact that there were 5,000 pills in the bottle AND that they were "manufactured in paco's bathroom in tijuana, mexico", meant that elton would now be my blood-brother for life.

he is also going to help me with my new etsy business selling illegal prescription drugs at five times the street value in cute little decorative containers.

{he just doesn't know it yet.}

(note to self: do NOT try to imitate vanessa's patented "3-quarter turn & pose" pose, because it never works for you. not even a tinsy bit.)

we managed to score some cheap last/last/LAST minute, eleventh-hour tickets to le reve at the wynn, and we were not disappointed.

the best part of the evening, though, was the ultra-fabulous people watching we encountered that night:

clear, 5-inch stripper heels +
shortShortSHORT skank-dress +


(in the best possible sense!)

thanks to our bff's for a wonderful night~


Vanessa said...

NO! Thank you!

And we forgot to mention the weird dude in the blond afro wig and Superman Underoos with his tall drink running thru the streets of Vegas. Just another Saturday night!

I'm sure Elton can quit his job and we can become BAZILLIONAIRE's off that Etsy shop. We will be able to "make it rain" next time we go to Vegas with all that money.

We {heart} you both!

My25Cents said...

I will be your #1 VIP/Preferred Shopper as soon as you get on that Etsy train. Chop! Chop!

Look at how HOT you are in that fabuloso dress & boots! Work it girl - work it! Keep up the good work.

Tiffany said...

1. Please send me one bottle of Mexican Phen-Fen. (Tomatillo flavored, please.)

2. Your dress is outstanding. Where did you get it?

tammy said...

I have been trying to master that pose too and failing miserably.

And I really was hoping for some pics from the people watching.

Jeanelle said...

Popping in from Vanessa's blog to agree that she truly has mad posing skillz. She cannot be beat. What a fun weekend!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Love the dress! Please say you'll do it all over again with us.

Plain Jame said...

*insert evil Candace laugh from Phineous and Ferb right here* Mehicun fen fen...
I've actually had the priviledge (I just retyped that word like 8 times, still red lines under it - too lazy to google it) of meeting Vanessa. She's lovely!

tiburon said...

Dang. If I would have known I could have scored you some of the good stuff.

Looks like a great weekend! Me jealous.

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