34 random thoughts

1. only 7 more days until we go to scottsdale for spring break!
2. my kids are ready to float in the lazy river.
3. i was once traumatized in a lazy river, however.
4. it was in wet 'n wild in las vegas--as i was lounging in my tube, a tampon applicator floated by....
5. i've never recovered from it.
6. i love my feet and hands to be rubbed when getting a massage.
7. speaking of massages, one of the funniest massage-quotes i ever heard was "BEWARE: back-rubs in the front room lead to front-rubs in the back room."
8. i just giggled when typing that.
9. i think i might be the only person in america/the universe who did not watch the olympics.
10. i also think i might be un-american for doing so.
11. i would TOTALLY watch if the ice-skaters wore THESE OUTFITS:

12. when i was about 10, i used to read my dad's consumer reports magazine every single month.
13. i saw an article in there about what foreign objects they found in packaged hot dogs.
14. top items found: rat hair, metal pieces, feces.
15. i didn't eat a hot dog until i was 25 years old.
16. i think the polish dog/drink combo at costco is divine.
17. a business associate of the rbc's just gave us tickets to see u2 in slc on june 3rd. totally psyched.
18.but i want bono to turn down the political agenda & TURN UP THE MUSIC!
19. when i was in florida, i had my fingernails painted a color for the first time in 20 years.
20. the manicurist said i needed to get KRUNK.
21. thus, i've been into it--but i like it better when my sister paints my fingernails for me.
22. i think THIS has been helping my 'old lady cuticles'
23. i just bought THIS nail polish:

24. i didn't know it was so popular until my friend called me the other day.
25. she had seen it on my nails and asked me what color it was--she wanted a bottle.
26. she then proceeded to call SIX different beauty supply stores and was told each time, "we are OUT."
27. they said it was a very difficult color to get--it's in high demand right this moment.
28. i wish i would have known that, and i would have purchased every bottle they had.
29. i have a low tolerance for pain.
30. i would NOT have made a very good pioneer.
31. when i let my hair dry naturally, it forms a part down the middle.
32. with "soft curls" at each side.
33. i think it looks eerily like 70's porn-star hair.
34. which is certainly very unfortunate for me:


Vanessa said...

I would totally watch if they wore those awesome outfits...and if Gob was in the Olympics.

Ron Jeremy? That's funny.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

I wanna go with y'all on June 3rd! We will find a way!

Don't you love when you have a hot item in your possession!

Suzie said...

I know it will be tempting to hold on to that polish and not use it.
But don't.

ewwww. tampon app?

Anonymous said...

Umm...I know you don't know me, but my teenage daughters and I do stalk your blog. I did not watch any of the Olympics. Except a clip on curling for Physics. I thought curling would feature some attractive weightlifters. It's just people sweeping. Vigorously. And I was very disappointed when Wet 'n Wild closed. I didn't know about the tampon thing. I now feel slightly consoled.

Taylor Swim said...

Just found your blog and it's stinkin' funny. I secretly hate the olympics and appple pie. Does it get more unamerican than that?

Amy said...

sing along... "Ron Jeremy, he's my hero... entertainment for the common man"! I am also in an experimental phase of my life... nail color. After having "tips" for 25 years I am sporting the colorful nails... Adam Lambert black seems to be my favorite. I like this idea for a post.. I am in a slump- I might copy!

Hildie said...

Didn't watch the olympics. All I can think when I watch that stuff is how much I hate being cold.

Hildie said...

P.S. Say a big Hi to my gyno in SLC. He is hugely into U2 so I'm sure he'll be there too. I actually ran into him at a U2 concert a few years ago. It's weird bumping into someone at a concert who has seen you coochie up close many times. Unless you're Kim Cattrall. Then it probably happens every day.

tiburon said...

Love the list.

You already know how I feel about U2.

If I had tickets I wouldn't give them away. I would burn them. On principle.