"we have the situation under control, ma'am."

last week there was a small fire that started in a garage on our neighboring street.

we drove by and i was tickled to find that two of the boys from our street had already arrived at the scene, roped off the corner with their own cones, (really!) and had their fire extinguishers AND copies of their "fire department equipment license" out and ready for inspection:

(the photos are from my phone, so they are a bit fuzzy)

since it's all girls, all the time at our house, i thoroughly enjoyed this display of male youth imagination. priceless!


Vanessa said...

You can now sleep better at night knowing those boys got your back.

tiburon said...

Seriously - that is brilliant. I freaking love those kids.

Well played neighborhood boys. Well played.

Unknown said...

I love this. This makes me want to move to your neighborhood. It makes me think of something out of a Beverly Cleary book.

tammy said...

That is awesome.