i liked tiburon's post about the benefits of being able to list a few things that are GOOD about you.

but i found it a little easier to mimic tiffany's post about things i am expert in.

so, without further ado, i give you mindi's list of things i am expert in:

(fyi: prepare to be astonished.)

going to las vegas
room service
remembering song titles/artists
throwing a party
ordering cafe rio
wiping my kitchen counters
directing the social calendar of my friends/family
popping blackheads
shopping at target the day after a major holiday ( 50% off!)

rocking out at a concert
making people feel comfortable when we've just met
wrapping a present
instant gratification
arranging 'seasonals'
speaking in front of a crowd
showering with water verging on scalding temperature

making people feel good about themselves
fixating on one thing
going to a spa
weeding my yard
being generous with those i love
keeping my cool in a tense situation (98 % of the time)
"ironing" my laundry with a spray bottle of water
riding on the back of rbc's motorcycle
making an ipod playlist for above motorcycle ride
loving southern utah
researching used cars on the internet

purchasing anything with an initial on it
sleeping with my mouth open
deflection and manipulation
misplacing things
using a clorox wipe
lying in my own filth (translation: taking a long bath)

i thought it only fair that i give equal time to the other side, so i present things i am NOT an expert in:

accepting a compliment
cleaning my car
attending all 3 church meetings.
wearing pantyhose
painting my finger/toenails

controlling my potty-mouth
dancing or learning a dance routine
keeping things organized or clean behind cupboard doors
dealing with self-righteous people
cracking my knuckles (ewww. why would one?)
being on time
camping. (again, why would one?)

saving my money
cleaning up my make-up counter
mowing my lawn (never did it.)
starting my bbq (again, never did it.)
plucking my eyebrows
accepting/submitting to authority figures
computers & technical things

doing my hair
not caring about what people think of me
saying no to my catties
washing my hands (don't judge!)
typing with capitals
answering the phone or returning emails in a timely manner
avoiding cheetos and peanut m&m's


tiburon said...

This is WAY better than the stupid A post that I did.

Well played Clove. Well played.

I bow to your awesomeness. And your expertise.

Brandi said...

Have Miss Mia help you out with your whistling! LOL
Cute post-ps- I too am not good at avoiding cheetos or peanut m&ms...or Pespsi...or ice cream.;)

Suzie said...

100% of these make me love you completely.

Kami said...

I need help arranging my Easter Seasonals. When can you get here?

ps. Thank you so much for your nice note & fun mail you sent my way. You are so nice. Really. It means a lot.

Vanessa said...

You are pretty bad at accepting compliments. Let's work on that.

I have decided that I like the regular Cheetos better than those gross puffs of air that you like. But I will support and validate your Cheeto love.

Great post!

gina bina said...

"deflection and manipulation"

You are my hero

Shannon said...

All reason why I love you and you will always be my friend! :)

Omgirl said...

And let me just tell you, don't EVER let anyone try to talk you into lighting the BBQ. It is SCARY AS HELL!!!

Tiffany said...

My 2 favorites: "fixating on one thing" and "buying anything with an initial on it"

I couldn't adore you more, you expert.