yeah......so mindi's a little late on the 'obligatory holiday pictorial blog-post'. so sue me.

but i did feel that it would not be in your best interest to miss the viewing of these photos--who am i to deprive the internet of just ONE MORE easter post? (i dare not.)

we had a lovely time at the park with family/friends/loved-ones/semi-loved ones:

this year was our first time, EVER, at throwing our own easter egg hunt. usually we depend on the kindness of others to get our easter egg "on". but i must say: i was pleasantly surprised at the little joys that were derived from the planning and executing of peter cotton-tail's bunny-trail:

the older kids were in it to win it when they realized that there were eggs that contained more than warm jellybeans:

we do feel, however, that chanandler bong was the big winner when she scored the egg filled with catty food:

all in all, we had a lovely time.


Vanessa said...

The guys looked thrilled.

I hope Chandler tested out that yumminess.

Tiffany said...

Cat food in Easter egg=genius. My kids are going to be so surprised next year.

tiburon said...

Thanks for posting your pics.

Now I for sure won't be posting mine.

Just SO said...

Looks like a fabulous time! Much warmer than my Easter.

Creative Juice by Loni said...

Family Pictorial Posts are always my favorite...especially since *our* family is so photogenic!