thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**the perma-grin that was on my face after a fateful trip to costco last night.

i was pushing my cart, heading in the direction (allegedly!) of the candy aisle, when i heard someone yell, "hey! word to your mother!"

i was startled. then, completely pleased when i turned around to meet the husband of one of my virtual blogging bff's from when i first started up--he runs the show (translation: principal) at a local elementary, and he recognized me from my blog. who woulda thought?

i was so happy that he would have stopped to say hi and we ended up having a great little chat next to the trail-mix & beef jerky. it was my 10 seconds of shining in the sun....(thanks, steve p.--you made my millennium!)

**this line-up that was in my bff's front yard this last week--how cute is this??

jody labeled them "the rough crowd that hangs out in our neck of the woods". don't mess:

these funny little easter creations that mia made with miss brandi & company at preschool--

i might even love those chubby little fingers even more....

(but who forgot to clean under those nails? hmmmmmm.....)

**speaking of easter, has anybody tried this bad boy pictured above??


i ingested (translation: INHALED) this the other night and it tasted like manna from heaven.

i nearly needed a cigarette afterwards.....


Vanessa said...

I guess you didn't get the memo that you are a celeb there in San Jorge...and around the world.

I hope the EB brings one of those bunnies to me. I'm all about Reese's PB.

tiburon said...

Hey hot stuff. I need you to call me ASAP.

I will be driving to Canada so give me a call... It is about GaGa and I am having a little aneurysm.

Don't post ;)

Hildie said...

Are those bikes? Scooters? We live in a deprived neighborhood and I've never seen such fanciness.

Steph said...

So, Steve pretty much felt like he ran into a CELEBRITY at Costco the other night! I was truly jealous that he got to make your aquaintance without me. Bummer. But I had him give me a play by play and I imagined the greatness of the event. It'll have to do. As of late, he is beaming even more for "making Word to Your Mother!" Now, it's not just like he ran into Oprah at the store but actually got to be a guest on her show! He is grinning:)

tiburon said...

Oh hey and thanks for not posting that comment...

But did you give him an autograph?

Omgirl said...

Dude, my favorite treat from every season is the Reeses peanut butter _______ (tree, egg, etc) because of the high peanut butter to chocolate ratio. That bunny was screaming my name! (But I resisted. Damn HCG!)