some smart cookies here in santa jorge have TOTALLY figured it out and opened up the super-fly, totally radical drive-thru (!!!!) drink store.

it's called SWIG.

i'm in love with it. i might even want to have a commitment ceremony and matching tattooed ring fingers (something classy and refined--perhaps barbed wire with the word 'love' entwined?). it's pretty much the best idea in the whole wide world, & something that i've talked about doing over the years.

unfortunately, i realized long ago that mindi + cash register= MASSIVE FAILURE. which makes me ever so much more grateful to these genius pioneers.

how great are these chairs? i've already sat in them twice. & it changed their lives.

i'm a chick, so the presentation of the drinks totally appeals to me: clear cup, the GOOD crushed ice, and a colored straw. perfection!

not only do they have my beloved diet dr pepper, but they have shaved ice, (a throwback to my youth and evenings spent on the lawn of andelin's gable house, enjoying my 'mauna loa') bubble teas, smoothies, and best of all: COOKIES!!!

i would highly recommend getting one of the sugar cookies that they frost right before handing it to you. the chocolate chip & oatmeal chocolate chip are divine as well.

we stopped there with my family last weekend--and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

so, if you are in this neck of the woods, you need to run, RUN! FAST LIKE A BUNNY! over to swig @ 989 east & tabernacle. you should also become a fan of them on facebook. all of the popular and pretty kids are doing it.

tell them i sent you----but only because i want them to love me best.


Brandi said...

Ha! We totally just went there tonight...we met the owners, who are awesome. Yeah,love the fact that i can get my oreo ice cream cone while my kids get their snow cones and hubby can get a bubble tea ALL AT ONE PLACE! And hallelujah for a DRIVE THRU that has a Pepsi with the good ice for us mommies who don't want to unload the kiddies. Wish Freddies would have done it...sorry for them!!!! ;)

L and T said...

oh man, business just tripled with that plug. I agree, genius.

Suzie said...

What a fab idea.
Totally going to hit that when we come down next month.

Anonymous said...

I watched this with interest during the last months. But I talked myself out of going.

That is, until I saw your rave review! AND they should be watching for me in my silver honda odyssy van with approx 2-4 screaming children!

Thanks for the info, Mindi!


Me and The Boys said...

shut the front door! That is beyond awesome! Can't wait to try it...and those cookies...I used to DRIVE OUT to Santa Clara to Dutchmans to get one of those sugar cookies...wow my day is MADE!

Vanessa said...

Why was I not privy to this info when I was there? I am feeling deprived now.

I hope they are paying you for this plug.

Just SO said...

We have a couple of gas stations here that have implimented drive through windows for drinks (or smokes or whatever) and I LOVE them. I think this Swig idea is even better!

Tiffany said...


Jed and Annie Lyon said...

That darling server girl is my hubby's cousin....Mikyla :-) I'm addicted to your blog, LOVE IT!

Katie Mitchell said...

I'm heading to St. George in a few weeks and I will totally be checking out this place! The drive thru with a 6 month old is oh so nice.

Kami said...

Take us there one week from tonight. Wahoo!

tammy said...


I may have to relocate to St. George now.

Stephanie said...

I have always believed that in life I am a day late and a dollar short. Now that after 34 years in St. George, I am moving. And now they get a "Swig". That really sucks. I guess I will solicit this joint daily while I can. Thanks for the heads up!

tiburon said...

Not gonna lie - I was TOTALLY planning on going there next weekend.