thankful thursday

many things to be thankful for this week:

**for the first motorcycle ride of 2010! we busted out the bike yesterday afternoon in the 78 degrees and rode blissfully for an hour--

we drove out to sand hollow resort, as our bestie, colby, runs the show out there--

and what a TRULY spectacular show it is :

the other thing to be thankful for? the fact that the police officer who pulled us over out there for (allegedly!) going 10 mph over the speed limit was feeling charitable:

we were let off with just a verbal warning. and, in return, he received our everlasting love & solidarity. like on the level of devotion we usually reserve for officer francis ("frank") "ponch" poncherello.

**speaking of beautiful weather, it could not have been nicer for "the abbeys" track & field day--

being a candidate for "worst mother of the year", i will admit that this is probably right at the top of my LEAST FAVORITE school activities. but, with the sun shining, there couldn't have been a better place to be than right there, cheering them on~

jody & i were just bummed that we weren't wearing our teensy, tinsy bikinis to take advantage....(i guess NEXT time.)

my radical breakfast club print that just came back from the framers--

the best part was that the mat, frame, & 'putting together of' this soon-to-be priceless family heirloom was a whopping 13 bucks! ( and you didn't really think i was serious when i said i was gonna order it, did you?)

it just brings me immense joy.

& speaking of immense joy, just feast your eyes on the magnificent two cats charm that my friend, michelle turned me on to for my pandora bracelet--it's life-changing, no?

**& speaking of kitties.......we are positively IN LOVE with the catty-themed blanket that my mom sewed for our family. she must know us well, hmmmm? cat & kids alike worship at the foot of this little gem--and we thank our 'shrama' for leaving us something to warm & comfort us until she and our 'shrampa' come back to us in 18 months!

we love them so~

*glee, back in full force this week--so many great things coming up, but i can hardly wait for next week's madonna-themed episode. the video above just makes me want to be sue sylvester in real-life. but only so i can spit out awesome lines like: "i am engorged with venom. and triumph."

how much did i love the cheese-ball, over-the-top remake of "hello" by lionel richie? like WAY much.


kami @ said...

Your motorcycle rides sound so fun to me. That kitty charm was made for you! I just know it!

Ask Colby if he knows Bruce Summerhays, he's my BIL younger brother. I'm pretty sure he works at that one.

Vanessa said...

Elton was bugged that I knew every word to "Hello", and had to sing along. My rendition of Neil's "Hello Again" was even better.

You said engorged.

Just SO said...

If that print ever turns up missing you might look for it at my place. I love it!

Looks like mucho to be grateful for.

tiburon said...

Any post with Poncherello in it is a good post.

I testify.