thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**the 2nd row (SECOND ROW!!!) tickets tiburon scored to john mayer in slc in august.

it's always nice to have somebody handle your business for you. AND score you the sweetest perks while at it. me so lucky.

**speaking of tiburon, she sent me the best surprise in the mail--and it was pink.

it went right the back of my car next to the depeche mode. it completes me. which is sad and somewhat pathetic to admit, but if you know me, then you know that i can be somewhat irrational about my music. as well as car decals.

unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye to my faithful pink girlie-skull decal. it had run it's course and served it's purpose. but i shed a tear as i peeled it's little corpse from my window--the end of an era.

**for my sweetest neighbor who works hard growing these beautiful roses. which then climb up her property and beautify mine. it's a total bonus for me--all the enjoyment and NONE of the upkeep. WIN/WIN.

**this card from vanessa, who enables my love for catties. she rules.

**this flower ring that is currently bringing me exceedingly great joy whenever i look down upon it. (but NOT my hands, which i had to treat with the 'SOFT FOCUS' option on picassa so you would be spared the horror.)

it sucks to get old.

**for this guy and his motorcycle, which take me on rides in this beautiful weather. there's nothing better in the whole wide world. i love him.


tiburon said...

I am so glad that I could make your Thankful list - not once - but TWICE.

2 seems to be a good number for me this week ;)

Love yer guts.

Tiffany said...

Those beautiful roses are killing me, and so is that ring--LOVE!

Vanessa said...

Cats rule.

And so does watching people walk in to glass doors. Hilarious!

J.J. said...

Luckily I will be in the "us" row with you guys!!

Come on Aug 31st!

Loni Spendlove said...

I'm thinking that Tiburon probably didn't follow the $25 dollar rule for the second row of John Mayer...

Omgirl said...

What was with that one store/restuarant in that video that made everyone walk into the glass, over and over??? I'm always so afraid of doing something like that and totally embarrassing myself. I just hope on the day that I inevitably will do it that there won't be a camera on.

Hildie said...

Whoa, you have regular nails now. Way to go!