forest 'o felony

i learned the most interesting thing the other day from my brother, ryan, who works in the sheriff's department. (that's right. walk AWAY.)

he came over to my house to help me set up skype so that we could talk to my parents in costa rica. (it's AWESOME, btw.)

we needed a web cam for the computer, so he and i hopped into my car to run to the store.

he looks over as i turn the ignition and says, "nice felony forest."

and i'm all, "huh?"

ryan then proceeded to inform me that if an officer pulls a vehicle over for speeding or whatnot and they glance inside and see a bunch of air fresheners, then it's a huge indication that you could be possibly smuggling drugs inside your vehicle.

obviously, drug mules need to disguise the strong smell of the hooch, and those little trees do a mighty nice job of it.

so......please to enjoy mindi's own personal felony forest that she's grown with love & care: you have a forest 'o felony as well?


R-Eight said...

We love Skype. When the Stanley sibs were all in Mexico last year we skyped Elder and Sister McEvoy (in Siberia) from the beach. It was awesome.

Vanessa said...

My new favorite car freshener is Mulberry Scentsy. I can score you some if you like. My neighbor sets up her Scentsy stand every weekend in her yard. She has to pay her bills she tells us.

heidi said...

hahahaha. my car is bedecked more like a vanilla misdemeanor mess. but in high school i guess you could say i had a gay grove. (i obviously suck at alliteration.) i loved little rainbow freshners and had a ton dripping from my rearview mirror. i was showing my pride and had no idea.