how far i've fallen.

when we first got the catties i said that they would absolutely NOT be "indoor cats."

then, when they were firmly implanted inside the house, i said they would NOT, under any circumstances, be allowed to sit on the furniture.

once they had permanently made themselves at home on our couches, i put my foot down and said that NO MATTER WHAT, they were ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOT to ever lay on any of the beds.

and, then i realized that dave's favorite spot to take his nap every afternoon was abbey's & mia's bed. and i also realized that i never moved him off. because he looked so sleepy and CUTE.

and, then.......

i realized that i am all talk, no action. and a bit of a push-over. as well as totally pathetic.


Heather D. said...

If it makes you feel any better, the cats wouldn't have listened to you anyway. My cats can go anywhere except the countertops. After 3 years, I still have to squirt them with a water bottle nearly every day to get them down. Dang those cute fluffy beasts.

tiburon said...

You need an intervention.

I am just the person for the job. Watch out if I am standing on your doorstep.

Nathan said...

I tried kicking our cat off our bed during the night.

Over and over.

Then I realized it was a losing battle because he's awake and I'm asleep. I'm still holding strong on the furniture, though.

However, I'd still put myself firmly in the pushover category.

susiefarns said...

So I know you don't like dogs, but I have 3 and 2 of them sleep with me. We got a potbelly pig over the weekend and my husband asked if he could sleep on the bed. I said no and that I would have to draw the line somewhere, so I guess I do have some boundaries.

Omgirl said...

And I love you for it. Because nothing is so cute as your cat curled up asleep like a little donut on your freshly cleaned whites.