she's got skillz

my gosh, i'm beginning to think that mia has a natural-born talent for the performing arts--what's not to love about putting on a show in a tutu and panties? (you really must watch the last 6 seconds--poor little girl....;)

if you are morally opposed to animal cruelty/abuse/misuse, then the next clip is not for you.

however, if you enjoy watching a poor cat resign itself to every little whim & fancy of a 5 year old? then this bad boy is RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY:

the little lady does love a video camera trained on her--and so do we!


Vanessa said...

That was nice of Kaitlyn to get up and do her sisterly duty of helping Mia spin.

And the chair fall...we watched it 5 times just to see that over and over.

alex dumas said...

I had to watch it more than once too. I was prepared for much worse.

kami @ no biggie said...

Poor little Mia! Did Dave and Martin laugh?! ;)