thankful thursday--red, white, & blue edition

so many things to be grateful for this week--celebrating the 4th of july means just a little bit more to me as i get older. enough so that, for example, when hearing the national anthem i might just tear up a bit. theoretically speaking, of course. (allegedly.)

ahhhh--it sucks to get old! (or maybe it rules, depending on whether it makes me a little more grateful for my country.....)

things i am thankful for this week:

**a beautiful, cool night spent celebrating the U S of A up at grandpa & grandma's cabin in pine valley:

Picnik collage

**the sweet, gentle, equestrian soul who likes to poke his nose over the wall and let the kids pet him:


Picnik collage

**fake tattoos--allowing us to make irrational, impulsive decisions with body art since 1963:

Picnik collage

**the hot 9th grade boy who embraced a lower back tat:

Picnik collage

**two little playmates who enjoy each other's company:

Picnik collage

but, for the record? pierce (or peawce, if you speak mia) was NOT playing with mia. merely BABYSITTING her.

he was there strictly in a supervisory capacitory:)


**the all-girls team who smoked the all-boys team for name that tune TOTAL. WORLD. DOMINATION.


**sparklers & torches that bring out our inner-patriot:

Picnik collage

**moapa tribal enterprises. where else could you buy a radical, semi-illegal (okay, mostly) firework that has 10 shots, an image of a pistol, AND shoots flaming balls??

<span class=

**and, finally, for the fact that said semi-illlegal (OKAY. MOSTLY.) firework brings out the inner 14-year old in my man:



kami @ no biggie said...

It looks so fun, all of it! So who made the trip for the illegal stuff?! Those were some big ones!

L and T said...

very cute pics of Pierce and Mia - thanks!

Vanessa said...

Is that Russ in the background yelling "YEAH!"?

I'm glad to see that you didn't COMPLETELY break the law and light the fireworks in PV, or else you would have had every geriatric resident at your mom and dads doorstep scolding you...including my dad TOM. (which BTW, I hope you stopped by and said HI!)

tiburon said...

That is one serious 4th of july. Next year instead of going to NYC - I am coming to Pine Valley.